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porgie80 Sat 08-Nov-14 02:49:24

First time thinking about hiring a nanny so excuse any naivety.

I'm a working mom of a 2yo and a 6mo. I'm currently looking into hiring a Nanny/Housekeeper for approx. 35 hours a week

I can be flexible on hours in regards to times but would need it split 7 hours for 5 days- maybe 10am-5pm? 2 hours cleaning and 5 hours childcare per day.

What is reasonable in terms of housework? I'm thinking daily kitchen clean up (wiping counters, dishwasher, washing up, sweeping) hoovering communal areas, wiping over bathrooms, ironing and laundry loads as needed and then once a week making beds and hoovering bedrooms/less used areas. Is this reasonable?

What am I looking at paying GROSS salary wise? I would be looking for someone with 2-3 years experience so not at the top of the scale but not the bottom either.

I'm in Reigate (Surrey)

Thanks to anyone who can help!

OldLadyKnowsBeelzebub Sat 08-Nov-14 03:21:27

I'm probably not much help, but some years ago I did a nanny/hk job; it was much more hk than nanny as the dc were both at school, and there was a young dog involved. The household tasks you describe were what I was happy to do, other than changing the bed of the parents; that "felt" too intimate, though I did their laundry/ironing and put it on the end of their bed for them to put away. (Again, I didn't want to be rooting around their drawers/wardrobes). I did run a hoover over the bedroom floor, though.

However, that was with dc at school, how do you expect you n/hk to fit all those domestic tasks in with a toddler and a small baby? Given your flexibility re hours, will you be at home while your n/hk is at work? (Nightmare situation for most domestic workers...) When, in a 7 hour day, with 5 hrs childcare and 2 hrs cleaning, does your n/hk get a break?

As for pay, I worked this role too long ago to comment, but I hope I've helped a bit with your thoughts.

OldLadyKnowsBeelzebub Sat 08-Nov-14 03:26:13

Would have been happy to launder the parental bedsheets, btw, but going into their room and stripping and remaking the bed would have been a step too far. Which is weird because I was quite happy to clean all the baths and loos. confused

Cindy34 Sat 08-Nov-14 07:55:54

How will it work practically? If 2 hours per day housework, 5 hours childcare, who cares for the children during those 2 hours?

Housekeeping is an ongoing task, for example with laundry if you only do it at certain times then you get a mountain of laundry building up. To keep on top of it you need to do it whenever the opportunity arrises, so first thing in the morning a load goes in the wash. Then a couple of hours later it gets hung up to dry. At some point dry washing gets folded (MarieKondo style) and put away. On sunny days with a bit of wind, more washing gets put outdoors to dry. On wet days there will be constraints as to how much can be done as indoor drying space may be limited.

Your children are of an age where they will be very demanding at times. It is totally possible that no housework would get done at all due to children needing the attention, especially if one or both are a little under the weather.

Cindy34 Sat 08-Nov-14 07:59:46

You hoover daily but only make the beds once a week?
I would make the beds every day, hoover 2 maybe 3 times a week, unless something has happened to cause extreme mess.
Change bedding weekly, fortnightly. Though there will be times when it gets changed far more frequently, due to wet/vomit covered.

Cindy34 Sat 08-Nov-14 08:04:01

Salary I expect would be 10-14 gross. Decide how much you want to pay and advertise.
2-3 years experience as what? A housekeeper, or a nanny, or something else?

You can find great nannies.
You can find great cleaners.
You may find a great housekeeper but they may be rare. Be prepared to compromise. Given the age of your children you will want good childcare skills over housework skills I would expect.

olympicsrock Sat 08-Nov-14 08:08:33

We have a great nanny who has chosen to do some housekeeping.
I think you are expecting too much in terms of housework given the ages of your children. You have to bear in mind that things change as your children grow up. When our son was a baby and had a 2 hour nap nanny used to get a lot done and clean the kitchen. Now ds is nearly 3 he does not nap. Instead they do the weekly shop as he finds it fun.
We have a cleaner for 2 hours a week as I do not think you can efficiently clean while doing childcare. Nanny does all the family laundry including folding and putting clothes away, weekly shop, odd jobs, dishwasher, empties bins sweeps kitchen work tops and floor. Cleans floor if dirty. Daily hoovering would be ott in my opinion.

We leave it to our nanny to do what is possible on each day with priority being childcare .

olympicsrock Sat 08-Nov-14 08:18:02

Essentially she does things that take small chunks of time that she can do while chatting to ds eg emptying the dishwasher and wiping work tops while he has tea. She hangs out the washing while he plays in the garden.
I think your expectation of daily bathroom cleaning and hoovering are too high. I would only expect the kitchen floor to be cleaned if food spilt or muddy footprints made in her watch.

porgie80 Sat 08-Nov-14 11:25:19

Sorry everyone- perhaps I should of been more clear.

I work approx. 5 hours each afternoon- so with regards to the housekeeping work, somebody will be able to get on with doing that while i'm looking after (and usually out) with the children- and then in the afternoon they would need to forget about any housework that isn't done and look after the kids.

And by "making beds"- I mean putting fresh sheets on.

Hopefully that makes more sense.

OldLadyKnowsBeelzebub Sat 08-Nov-14 12:27:24

Assuming your n/hk is over 21, minumum wage for 35 hours pw is just shy of £12k, btw.

jendot2 Sat 08-Nov-14 17:29:43

I think you should probably look at 2 separate roles. A 5 hour a day nanny and a separate cleaner.
As lots of others have suggested you get great nannies and great cleaners but its very difficult to find someone who is excellent at both. As your children are so young you do need a 'nanny' rather than a housekeeper who does some childcare.
Your afternoon hours would maybe attract someone who already works in a preschool?

FlorenceMattell Sat 08-Nov-14 22:58:21

Nannies often do long days 7 am to 7 pm so your 7 hour days are not very attractive. Many nannies can earn more doing four days per week. Saving travel costs.
Nannies also do the job because they enjoy looking after children, helping with their learning and development , being creative etc.
Not many nannies want to be cleaners. Sometimes when children are school age some nannies will do a housekeeping / nanny job to stay with a family they love.
Are you working at home? Again this can be problematic as little ones will always want mummy if she is around. Sometimes parents don't back nanny up with plans or discipline.
I'm just pointing this out to explain while you may struggle to get good candidates for the job.
I agree a separate cleaner would be preferable. A nanny will do children's housekeeping. Their laundry, tidy clean bedrooms, playrooms and toys.

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