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parttime nanny & holiday/term break pay

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bbblhr Fri 07-Nov-14 17:59:43

Would love some advice on contract negotiations with part time nanny ...

Background: we have a part-time nanny. Because of (terrible!) advice from the nanny agency, we did not do a contract when we hired her so are trying to work it out retroactively. We have asked the nanny to work 15:30 - 18:30 every day (school run for 2 children & start on home work, no other responsibilities). We pay her for 15 hours per week but rarely need her all 15 hours because husband and I have flex work schedules. So, she is assured of receiving 15 hours per week even though we usually need her only about 10-12. If she works late (past 18:30) any night, we pay her for the extra hours - even if she doesnt end up working on one of the other days from 330 - 630. So, we have tried to always make sure the payment works in her favour because she is critical to the smooth running of the family.

Trying to figure out how to pay her re holidays & term times.

We will of course pay her for the mandated amount of holiday time. (15hours x 5.6 weeks = 84 hours holiday per year)

Here's my question - do you request that your nanny take holiday time during term break time if at all possible? I would like to offer to pay her for all term breaks when we travel (about 7-8 weeks/year) if she will agree to use that as her holiday time (which would turn out to be much more holiday pay for her) ... but is that unreasonable?

If it is unreasonable, how do you handle the overlap/lack of overlap between family vacation time and nanny holiday? If she uses her holiday at different times then we could potentially end up paying her double the holiday time because she would have her holiday time plus our holiday time. That could be a lot of money! Maybe that's just the way it works out ... am wondering if I am missing something.

eeyore12 Fri 07-Nov-14 18:33:41

Does she work for you at all in the holidays or is it just term time? If term time only then yes ask that she takes her holiday in the school holidays and then you just pay her for those hours. So when working out her pay if you pay the same amount over twelve months so everyone knows how much she will get/you will pay (not including overtime) you add up the 15 hrs a week x term time number of weeks and then add the holiday hours and divide that by 12 and that is what you pay her each month so it includes her holiday pay but you make it clear in the contract she can not take holiday in term time.

If she works for you 15 hrs a week all year then yep you pay her for those hrs all year, you can ask that she has her holiday when you are away but she may want to choose at least a weeks worth of hours in the term time as holidays are quieter and cheaper then, if she does then yes you do end up paying her for holiday she is entitled too plus anytime you don't need her, as it is your choice to go away and she is available to work. As you will be giving her so much leave due to your holidays she may be happy to just take breaks when you do.

nannynick Fri 07-Nov-14 19:18:19

You approve or deny holiday requests, so yes you can determine when they take holiday.
You can certainly tell them in advance that no holiday can be taken during school term time.
You can ask them to take hoiday at the same time as you do.
You can write specific dates into contract if necessary, such as xmas-new year.
If you are away yourself for more days than nanny gets in holiday entitlement, then it is good to offer the time off as additional paid leave.

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