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Nanny to fly with the children on her own - advice?

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GermanGirlinLondon Mon 03-Nov-14 19:06:49

Can a nanny fly with the children by herself to visit family in another country? It would be great to get some advice regarding what we would need to do and so on. Thank you!

nannyj Mon 03-Nov-14 19:22:23

I've done it loads of times but you may want to write a letter of permission just in case.

GermanGirlinLondon Mon 03-Nov-14 19:39:53

Thanks for your reply. What did your employers do paper wise? It's from here to Germany, drop off at one end here and then pick up by the family on the other side. Not sure really what we have to do, surely they must be some sort of paperwork signed? Otherwise everybody could travel with children abroad.

Callaird Mon 03-Nov-14 19:58:36

Whenever I have flown with my charges, I have photo copies of employers passports, a written letter of permission, stating the dates of flights, my full name and passport number, the childrens full names, your full names and passport numbers. You could also include the names and address of the people they are going to stay with.

I would also call the airline to ask what they need as all airlines vary!

NannyNim Tue 04-Nov-14 19:16:28

I have never actually flown alone with a charge but have researched it as we were considering it. Airlines vary so it is worth checking with the airline you are planning to fly with. As PP said you generally need a signed letter of loco parentis from the parents and copies of passports etc. One airline even required the letter to be signed by a solicitor so make sure you know exactly what is required!

swantail Wed 05-Nov-14 07:23:57

You'll need a letter with passport numbers and full names of the nanny, children an parents. Also include flight details/ a period of travel. Signed and countersigned with an address. I have travelled before with my brother who is much younger than me and has a different surname. When I went through border control the officers said "Thank you, this is exactly what I needed to see."

Are the children old enough to state clearly what the nanny's relationship is to them?
I have taken with me (but not been asked for) photos showing that we have known each other for a long time.
Interesting that on the two holidays I have done this, (total of 8 border crossings) I was only questioned at all both times when back on British soil bringing him back into the country.

AusBabysitter Wed 05-Nov-14 16:41:36

I flew with my charge last year, and wasn't asked for any paperwork whatsoever. It was flying out of small airport where man at the gate saw me say goodbye to MB, but no one questioned me at all.

But may be good to have written just incase

OldDaddy Tue 11-Nov-14 16:19:31

Reminds me of many years ago when a friend who is a nanny gave me and my then girlfriend a lift from Bratislava to Vienna with her two charges in the car (both of which were adopted) the look we got from border control with a Brit, a Slovak a German along with a Vietnamese/Canadian boy and a Hungarian boy all handing over the passports...

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