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A rant about a job application...

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wickedwitchofwaterloo Sun 02-Nov-14 20:52:19

I saw a perfect part time temp job on Gumtree - I spent a good long while tailoring my cover letter to their job specifications, I also made sure to say how I would already be right near their house as I'd be in bitween shifts at my current job and I even pointed out how well the end date would work for me.

It's been 9 days and nothing. Not even an acknowledgement of my application. Humpth.

OhReallyDear Sun 02-Nov-14 21:47:34

Some parents wait 2 or 3 weeks then review all the applications thern contact people. And some parents are rude.

Fingers crossed it it the first option ;)

wickedwitchofwaterloo Sun 02-Nov-14 21:53:16

I hope it's the first one too - it's such a perfect position!! Well, on paper anyway ;)

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 03-Nov-14 11:06:18

It's rude www

I always reply to emails I get to my ad even if saying thanks but their job isn't suitable

Maybe send another email saying have they started interviewing yet and you would be interested

Hanl30 Mon 03-Nov-14 11:58:18

I noticed this a lot when I was looking a few months back. Either parents are in no hurry to get back or are not seriously looking.

QuintsTombWithAWiew Mon 03-Nov-14 12:00:47

If they need somebody who can be flexible, they may not consider you, if you have told them that the job with them is perfect for you because it is between shifts in another job.

wickedwitchofwaterloo Mon 03-Nov-14 12:44:33

Quint - that is possible I suppose.
But how hard would it be to email me back and say this or maybe enquire on my flexibility? I understand that parents get a lot of replies with gumtree, but if someone has taken the time to tailor their application to you, I think it is only fair that you at least reply.

The ad did say someone would ideally have flexibility with the hours I think, but for a 12-15hr position, I think
it's going to be the case you would consider various options from your criteria no? Maybe I'm just unlucky and they found somebody local who can be flexible!

wickedwitchofwaterloo Mon 03-Nov-14 12:48:00

Blondes - I may do. I did initially think it was a problem on my end as a couple of emails I sent for a few other things had no reply (not jobs or via gumtree) so I sent a follow up email a couple of days ago but still nothing. Ah well.

wickedwitchofwaterloo Mon 03-Nov-14 12:52:00

Han - I just don't get it. Why bother posting the ad? I hope you have found something now thou!

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Mon 03-Nov-14 18:52:03

Sometimes/mostly gumtree replies go into your junk email so they may not know you have replied as in their junk box (I found by chance after thinking 3 days into a temp before/after school nanny job I advertised had no replies) equally they may have replied n it's in your junk email box.

wickedwitchofwaterloo Mon 03-Nov-14 20:34:34

I've checked my junk as I've had that happen to me before, but you're right, maybe they haven't checked their junk folder.

wickedwitchofwaterloo Mon 03-Nov-14 21:03:36

I've checked my junk folder Ahem.

chocchipbrioche Mon 03-Nov-14 22:00:43

I applied for a job on Gumtree ages ago and despite being overly qualified for the job never heard anything back.
A week later I was sent for the same job by an agency I was with and during the interview I mentioned the coincidence that I was here as I applied by Gumtree first. The parents told me that they had had over 500 emails and cvs sent to them and despite being very specific about their criteria they got so many unsuitable people applying they ended up deleting everything after reading about 100 applicants cvs.
This is a major problem with ads on Gumtree that everyone applies. The family I interviewed with stated clearly in their ad that they wanted a qualified nanny, with over 5 years experience, over 30, native English speaker with excellent written and spoken English , driver, with references and they still got loads of young foreign girls who couldn't drive or had no experience and some whose cvs had so many spelling and grammar mistakes they could see they would have had problems with their school aged children.
Unfortunately the family may have deleted all the cvs including yours.
On the other hand people are ruder these days not just with nanny jobs, in any job they no longer even need to call to say thanks but no thanks. it's generally assumed if you don't hear anything you didn't get the job.

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