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What do I need to include and makes for a successful write-up of a host family on au pair world?

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MrsFogi Wed 29-Oct-14 21:17:50

We're novices at this so I'm wondering what we need to include, should include etc. All tips from old hands at this would be very welcome smile as I can see from looking at the au pairs' write ups that there seem to be some key points that make some stand out more than others/look more appealing than others.

OvertiredandConfused Wed 29-Oct-14 23:51:28

As long as you have some pictures, I think being honest is most important. Don't try too hard to sell yourself - if the reality doesn't match, they won't stay.

Be clear about the role, hours, pocket money, etc. and show that you will make an effort to include the AP and make them welcome - part of the family not low-paid skivvy

You don't need lots of matches, just a few good, close ones. It isn't a popularity contest - just feels like it!

Karoleann Thu 30-Oct-14 09:15:48

Completely agree with overtired..

Keep the language fairly simple and repeat anything that is really important in the first and last sections (about us and expectations). So mine are non-smoker, over 22, held driving licence for at least 4 years and regular driver and independent.

I would include things about the area you live in, use of a car or availability of public transport. Nearby English classes and what the au pair community is like where you live.
Working hours, pocket money and other benefits.

I'm really honest, I would hate someone to come over and be disappointed or unhappy. We don't do "become part of the family" we have always had really happy au pairs, who are well paid, work short hours and use us as a base to travel into London and see all their new friends.

We would get replies from potential au pairs, I would always automatically delete anyone who hasn't sent a personal message as it means they haven't actually paid to use the site (and are probably less committed to the idea of becoming an au pair).

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 30-Oct-14 18:07:53

I am very brief and just detail non-smoker, driver and the a small amount about ourselves. I then go into detail about hours, pay etc in messages.

FlappertyFlippers Thu 06-Nov-14 22:38:39

Firstly have a few photos of yourself/your dc. Then our advert has a few sentences in each paragraph about the following;

Be very clear about what you are looking for, we specify

Age range (for car insurance purposes)
Level of spoken English
Personality type (think about what type of person would fit into your family, are you looking for someone calm and gentle, or do you need someone outgoing and energetic, etc)
Non smoker

Be honest about your family and the work they will be expected to do( plus any house rules they will be expected to live with.) Describe your parenting style.

Describe their accommodation.

A few short sentences about your location (are you rural or in a big city, transport links, proximity to London/language classes/etc)

We tend to get quite a lot of initial messages and I find myself being quite brutal with culling out the ones that don't match my essential criteria, that haven't taken the time to write an personal message and those who just don't 'shine' as being a good fit. Normally after a week I have 6 or 7 perfect candidates who I've exchanged a couple of messages with and we then do Skype interviews.

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