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lovingmumof1 Sun 01-Oct-06 21:17:25

I have been childminding for just over a year now and haven't had the best of starts, I have been told on a number of occassions by my colleagues that people have been telling friends not to use me as I have a dog. Now I think that is totally unfair towards me and the dog as this is my living and if these people came to see us they would realise he is not bad, OFSTED wouldn't have registered me if the dog was bad. I know with what has happened resently about dogs that may put people off, it would me, but how am I supposed to make a living as I love working with children and being at home with my DS. PLEASE COULD HADLEIGH PARENTS GIVE ME SOME INFO AS IT IS GETTING ME DOWN

kingjam76 Thu 21-Feb-13 21:21:22

Looking for a childminder in Hadleigh. Do you have any vacancies?

ReetPetit Thu 21-Feb-13 22:11:53

lol grin

RosieGirl Fri 22-Feb-13 08:37:49


if you choose not to choose a childminder for one reason or another, fine, visit make your decision and leave.

But STOP the paranoia. Take things at face value and stop prejudging. See what the individual minder has in place. We don't stop taking children in cars, although kids are regularly killed and injured, we minimise the risks, by having safer cars and cars seats. Others haven't immediately removed their kids from nursery after watching the awful programme the other night.

I obviously see it from a different perspective, living in the middle of nowhere, animals are the norm, nearly all of my families have them as well.

But I think most of the posters wouldn't touch me with a barge pole, as well as a small menagerie, I have an old thatched cottage, with stone floors, a filthy garden, the kids here haven't gone home clean for months. But I have never closed for any sickness, the kids are healthy and 2 outstandings from OFSTED, show they like it too. So cheers to the poster who said she is surprised OFSTED allow it at all. Welcome to the world which has more in it than humans.

RustyBear Fri 22-Feb-13 08:44:54

This thread is six and a half years old, kingjam - I wonder if the OP is still (a) childminding and (b) on Mumsnet....

RosieGirl Fri 22-Feb-13 08:54:06

Ha ha didn't see that

Lala29 Fri 22-Feb-13 17:17:38

I would love a childminder with a dog and find it incredibly sad that so many people are anti dogs or childcare with dogs.
My daughter is 16 months, her first word was our dog's name. She adores the dog and any other dogs she meets, even though most are far bigger than her. I absolutely love that. She is being taught how to be and interact with dogs, we always ask permission from owners to stroke, she is not under any circumstances allowed to bother the dog in her bed, etc. our dog is an old Staffordshire bull terrier by the way.

Of course you don't know the dog when you first visit the childminder, but neither do you know them! As a dog person, it's very quickly obvious how the dog is trained and what the general rule is in the house. I might hang around a bit longer, or ask to go for a walk with them and the dog to ensure that what they are saying is true, but that's not much more than I would do with any childminder.

It's precisely because children today grow up in sterile environments with no interaction with animals, parents afraid of a bit of dirt, that we have so many children with allergies. My house is cleaned thoroughly. Dog bedding regularly cleaned, rugs steam cleaned once a week and floors washed regularly and I have certainly seen CM with dirtier houses than mine.

Don't give up, OP, be proud of the fact you have a dog and make it your unique selling point!

DIYapprentice Sat 23-Feb-13 21:03:04

A zombie thread that managed to get revived TWICE!!! grin

SouthernPolish Sat 23-Feb-13 21:07:50

I am a CM with a dog and we keep her in our home like a normal family pet (I know of CMs who crate theirs all day). I have stairgates to separate her from kids when I need to, my home is clean and does not stink (I ask everyone constantly), I use a steam cleaner and keep the garden poop free and power washed.

But I accept that some people do not like or hate dogs, and that it does slightly narrow down my target market.

It is usually one of the first things I tell prospective parents and I have a big photo of all of us with dog on my website - deliberately to deter dog-haters from bothering to phone me.

So far I have had no problem finding Mindees and lovely Parents who either have dogs themselves, or grew up with dogs, or love dogs and don't have any themselves.

Maybe put up some cards/leaflets in dog friendly places? eg: pet shop notice board (worked for me!)

momb Sat 23-Feb-13 21:13:14

My CM has a dog and it doesn't bother me. If you have a dog you need to accept that some poeple won't like it but for others it won't be an issue. It shoudl not affect your busioness overall; we all choose CMs with different criteria in mind.

Borntobeamum Sun 24-Feb-13 16:35:43

Cm with Dog = no thanks.
I think you'll find that kiddies who are mauled by dogs are usually at their relatives house. Grannies dog who has always been really placid suddenly snaps back.
They are unpredictable and too much of a risk.

Tau Sun 24-Feb-13 16:44:30

If my child was still young enough to go to a minder, I wouldn't choose one with a dog either. But I know a local childminder who has a dog and minds quite a few children - every parent makes their own choice.
I've worked as a childminder, and I once had a potential client who was horrified by our stick insects. Such things happen; there may also be parents who love the idea of their child being able to interact with a kind dog.

UniS Tue 26-Feb-13 22:55:31

I chose not to use a CM who has 2 large dogs that my child is scared of when they are walked in the street. I do use a CM who owns one small dog. My child has not been scared of that dog BUT that dog is not loose in the house and the only contact mindees have with it is in the school hols when CM & mindees might go out to walk the dog.

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