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Nanny with Blog - Would you mind?

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NannyinLondon Thu 02-Oct-14 10:08:31


I am currently in the interview process for a new job overseas. One family in Turkey found out about my blog (I do not write this with my actual surname) but the PA thought my middle name was my surname and with my first name-middle name + London he found my blog. My blog is not about my work in anyway, I review restaurants, hotels and other lifestyle brands in London and other cities - It's my second income and I get paid for it. Since he asked me about it, he found that I travelled to city x a while ago I haven't heard back from him or the agency. I was meant to have another phone interview last night through the agency and when I confirmed my availability I never heard back from the agency. It's strange as she usually replies within minutes to my emails.

Would you mind if your prospective nanny would write a blog? One that's not about work in anyway?

QuintessentiallyQS Thu 02-Oct-14 10:13:16

Maybe it is not writing a blog per se, but the lifestyle of dining out and being concerned with brands, not to mention the judgmental nature required for this line of work? Maybe they find it a bit shallow, or undesirable in the context of you fitting in with their family?

I know it is not politically correct to say this, but I would not like to pay a nanny to live the highlife and wear designer clothing/bags/shoes. It is just not the sort of person I would "bond" with and want instilling their values on my kids.

NannyinLondon Thu 02-Oct-14 10:19:41

Thanks for your opinion. I'm not wearing designer clothes. I shop at H&M and Primark. I'm saving for a flat, all the extra money goes into my savings.

On the other hand, I think it's not the employer's business what I spend my money on/what I do in my spare time. The family in question is a high profile family and needs the nanny to travel with them a lot. I personally would rather have a nanny that is able to fit in, than one that doesn't know how to eat 'properly' at a restaurant and can find in in other cultures, if that makes sense?

My current employers know about the blog and they like it, it's not high life by any means.

OcadoSubstitutedMyHummus Thu 02-Oct-14 10:27:18

I can't say as I'd be thrilled about the idea TBH. But then I'm pretty private and would hate the idea of blogging. It may also give concerns as to whether (a) you're committed to nannying if I'm looking for a long term hire and (b) whether you'd have flex I might be looking for in terms of hours if you have lots of other things to do.

QuintessentiallyQS Thu 02-Oct-14 10:27:19

" I review restaurants, hotels and other lifestyle brands in London and other cities "

Do you review H&M and Primark with your lifestyle brands then?

Dont think about what you actually wear, but what your blog say about the life you appear to lead. Think about it from an employers perspective.

In light of them being a high flying family who travels and need a nanny to fit in, I dont see how you reviewing restaurants would mean you know how to teach children to behave. I would be more concerned that your interest in my family would be more related to earning money from dining in restaurants you are taken to as part of your job, and not concentrating on the children enough while doing so, as you are analyzing textures and flavours and ambience rather than tending to your charges.

NannyinLondon Thu 02-Oct-14 10:31:48

As I said previously, the position is overseas. I wouldn't continue blogging over there, my blog is mainly London based. Actually, I can't even access my blog in the new country. The government forbids it. I am in my current position for over three years, so I can commit and have excellent references from all my positions. Anyway, after having spoken to the PA I don't want to position anymore, as he asked me lots of personal questions and the first impression was not right. I just wanted to have an opinion from others.

QuintessentiallyQS Thu 02-Oct-14 10:32:35

How could the new family access the blog then?

OcadoSubstitutedMyHummus Thu 02-Oct-14 10:33:49

You could probably access it via a VPN

QuintessentiallyQS Thu 02-Oct-14 10:35:00

I find your story keeps changing, from lifestyle brands to Primark, from dining in London and other cities, to not blogging outside the uk, from needing the second income to save for a flat to giving up the blog. confused

Maybe the new family (and all the questions from the PA) is due to your inconsistencies?

I would look for stability in a nanny, and the power of her own convictions, not somebody who keeps changing her story and dont seem to know what she is, does or stands for.

NannyinLondon Thu 02-Oct-14 10:37:07

Yes, he must have because I can track where visitors come from and I have no visitors from that country. Father is CEO of a large company, so I assume they use VPN. My friend who works in Beijing can use Facebook over her office server as well.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 02-Oct-14 10:39:47

What you do in your spare time as long is legal wink is up to you and none of the employers business

A blog about restaurants dining etc is very diff from
Blogging about childcare

I dont see the problem - but seems you don't want the job anyway

If you don't want people to know who you are /what you do then change blog name

QuintessentiallyQS Thu 02-Oct-14 10:45:18

Of course it is nobodys business what somebody does in their spare time, and a potential future employers selection criteria is none of our business either. OP is free to do what she wants to do. Potential boss is free to do what he/she wants to do. Simples!

NannyinLondon Thu 02-Oct-14 10:46:23

Thank you Blondes, I don't want the job BUT just an opinion on what other people think about it. I don't have a problem if people read my blog, it is not negative. I quite a few followers, so it seems other people like it. It started as a hobby and turned into a business. I don't see why I should reject work, if I can make money from it and I like it. It's what I do at the weekends and not while I am nannying.

So, while writing this I just received an email from the agency, telling me that both families are very interested. It really seemed like I panicked over nothing.

Karoleann Thu 02-Oct-14 16:33:59

As long as you didn't mention anything about your job, my children or our family it wouldn't bother me at all.

SwanneeKazoo Thu 02-Oct-14 23:11:27

Could they be worried that you might work on your blog when you are supposed to be looking after their kids? Or perhaps they think that you only want the job might as it might in some way open doors onto this particular lifestyle? I'm not saying you would do either of those things, btw.

mrswishywashy Fri 03-Oct-14 07:44:32

A little off topic but I'd love to know how to make money from a blog.

MarieSarah Fri 03-Oct-14 10:42:23

Me too :D

TwelveLeggedWalk Fri 03-Oct-14 10:50:15

I would quite like the idea of a nanny having the creative and writing skills to do something like that.
I would be worried about privacy, and I would want it to be very clear that there was nothing that could link the blog to my family and children. For a high profile family that would presumably be a huge concern.
I don't think I'd care about hte 'lifestyle' element. Most blogs are over-inflated bollocks anyhow A whole page on a sofa from Ikea and some fairy lights

emlybemlybubblegum Thu 06-Nov-14 16:59:00

I don't really see the problem seeing as though you have been in your current position for over three years. There was clearly no problem with you blogging whilst in your current position so I don't see why it would matter. I also don't think that just because you review restaurants and hotels etc, it means you have that kind of lifestyle, why not if you get paid for it! smile

SunshineAndShadows Thu 06-Nov-14 19:29:42

Quint Can't see how blogging about London and other cities is at odds with not blogging outside uk?? There are 'other cities' in uk confused

Moreisnnogedag Thu 06-Nov-14 19:39:43

As others have said, so long as it didn't include anything at all about my dc then no, I wouldn't have an issue. People like all sorts of things outside of work that aren't normally associated with their field.

I work in a very male dominated speciality, one that it is considered to be very physical and 'masculine'. (We have been compared to cave men!) but I knit, quilt and sew clothing. It throws my male colleagues off as you just wouldn't think it if you met me at work. It doesn't make me any less able to do my job and I'm sure your own interests bear no impact on your professionalism.

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