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Nanny pay rise?

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minipie Thu 11-Sep-14 20:10:14

Just wondering what the usual expectation would be re pay rises among nannies (especially London based).

We are currently paying �9 net (contract is gross equiv) for our lovely and experienced nanny. I know this is below the London standard of �10 net. We would like to increase it a bit at the end of her first year, but want to leave ourselves room for future increases and also things like pension contributions when they become mandatory. So not sure what is the right amount.

I don't want her to feel underpaid by giving too small an increase! But I also don't want to do a big increase this year and then be unable to do anything in following years...

Thoughts welcome.

MrsBobDobalina Thu 11-Sep-14 21:12:08

We gave our nanny a 5% increase after the first year. I think that was reasonable given that our payrises were 1% and 3% that year. This year there's no pay rise as the eldest is off to nursery so her workload has reduced somewhat. Plus I only got a 1% pay rise myself!

WickedGirl Thu 11-Sep-14 21:12:27

I think the fairest way I'd to give your nanny the same as you were given. So if you were given a 2% pay rise, for example, then offer that to your nanny.

minipie Thu 11-Sep-14 23:01:38

Interesting, thanks.

I think my pay rise was about 3% so we could certainly give her that but it's less than I'd had in mind... I will work out what 5% would give her.

Greenfizzywater Fri 12-Sep-14 07:14:38

We both work for the NHS. Do you think our nanny would like to share in the double figure pay cut that we've had over recent years? She got 1% net but when the pension comes in that'll have to be in lieu of a pay rise.

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