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Looking for a nanny or childminder in Essex area.

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Mummy2Toby Tue 12-Sep-06 13:59:06

I am looking for a childminder in the Essex area - I am in Romford. I have a 22 month old ds who has never been left, but I have been called up for jury service from 9th October and would really love to do it. My problem is that my ds has never been left, so I have nobody to ask Also, I have a new baby due in October and would like to look at ongoing arrangements for childcare. Does anybody know anyone that could help me? Thanks

Emskilou Tue 12-Sep-06 14:21:48

Hello I live in Southend and few of us had a thread a little while back for those of us in the area and a lady called janett posted on our thread to say she was a nanny childminder type lady heres the link janett ooh hope that works!

Emskilou Tue 12-Sep-06 14:22:15

Oh shes in westcliff by the way not sure if that is too far out??

Mummy2Toby Tue 12-Sep-06 16:32:00

Thanks for replying but that would be too far out for me (it's about a 30-40 min drive from me) Thanks anyway

kira64 Wed 13-Sep-06 23:21:57

Hi you said you've got jury service from the 9th of October and also new baby is due in October?

Hmm!!I wonder if the judge would know how to deliver a baby?

I live in Grays Essex.

Mummy2Toby Thu 14-Sep-06 14:25:42

Hiya - I know I did phone the court to explain that I was due at the end of October but they said that they still want me to attend! I bet I won't even get picked incase I do disrupt the trial but Hey, Ho! - I will speak to my husband as he works near Lakeside and he may be able to accomodate Grays for a couple of weeks - that's if you were offering

taxi4jen Sat 03-Oct-09 20:07:49

Message withdrawn

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