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How to choose CM

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gubbinsy Tue 10-Jun-14 14:34:03

We're looking for a CM for DS from Nov when he'll be one and I go back to work. Struggling to find one with vacancies (2.5 days) but when we do, bit unsure as to how to proceed.

Do you meet them and almost interview them? Did you have set questions? I imagine a lot of it is gut and how they interact with child (pfb obvs!). Any advice from those who've done it appreciated

HSMMaCM Tue 10-Jun-14 16:02:14

Mostly gut instinct. They should tell you what they offer and you can ask any questions you like. They will interview you just as much as you are seeing if you like their offer.

gubbinsy Tue 10-Jun-14 18:07:14

Thanks. Yes I suppose they need to see if you're a fit too

CityDweller Thu 19-Jun-14 21:29:26

I agree - do trust your gut. Our first CM was great on paper and ticked all the boxes, but it was more of a 'head' decision than a 'heart' decision to go with her. I wish I'd listened to my gut as it didn't work out in the end. 2nd time around, I knew when I spoke to our CM on the phone that she was 'the one', and that instinct was right! But only you know what's most important to you. I realised the 2nd time around that our CM had to be very warm, cuddly and loving to DD and I also wanted someone who seemed genuinely interested in her development and learning.

In terms of what to ask - all the obvious stuff to familiarise you with their setting and what they offer in terms of food, activities, outings, playgroups, etc.
Other things
- Why they became a CM/ what they enjoy about it
- How long they've been doing it
- What's their policy on sickness
- How much holiday they take, whether it's paid or not
- What other children they look after/ how many DC of their own
- Whether they're planning on taking on more DC/ changing their setting
- How much the TV is on during the day
- Set up for naps (cot? in pram? etc)
- Settling in procedure
- What's their arrangement if their own DC are ill
- What's their arrangement if they are ill (do they have a CM network they can tap into to find your back-up care if they can't work)

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