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What to include in a nanny contract... Tips please.

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sheffscan4 Mon 09-Jun-14 16:10:50

We have pretty much decided to get a part time nanny to look after our 2 boys for 2 days. She will do the before and after school care for one and have the other for the full days. I've looked at standard contracts, but wondered if the wise and experienced out there had any tips as to definite things to include in the contract that they have found helps ensure clarity.

dietcokefan Mon 09-Jun-14 16:33:36

My tip would be to use the contract that your payroll company gives you as they will then help you defend it. payefornannies (who I use) give you access to an employment lawyer for £20 per year but I think only if you use their contract.

How are you going to pro rata holidays? If she works, say, Mondays and Tuesdays then the standard 5.6 weeks including BH will leave her with less than 4 weeks once you've taken off bank holidays - if she doesn't work on a Monday it'll leave her with more than 4 weeks. For this reason I changed it to "4 weeks plus any bank holidays that fall on working days" to keep it simple

nannynick Mon 09-Jun-14 19:50:03

Certainly if using a payroll company which provides a legal helpline, check if you have to use a contract prepared by them.

ACAS provide details of what a Written Statement (contract) has to contain.

Focus on areas which are specific to the situation:

Holiday Entitlement, especially in situations where taking holiday is restricted, such as not taking holiday during school term time.

Right to bring own child to work - if a NWOC. Have a separate sheet perhaps which details more about the agreement, such as who pays for what.

Gross Misconduct - state specifically what you will instantly dismiss someone for doing. Keep it clear and concise.

Disciplinary procedure - have one. Have a sequence for what happens if there is misconduct. Verbal warning, written warning, x number of warnings and then dismissal. ACAS: Discipline and Grievances

Probation period - shorter notice period on both sides during probation, so if things don't work you can terminate quickly.

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