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Registered childminders in withington/didsbury, Manchester

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giz Sat 02-Sep-06 22:38:23

Hi,I´ve just joined Mumsnet and was wondering if anybody had any info on childminders in the withington or didsbury area in Manchester.

tottle Sun 03-Sep-06 21:45:56

is it a childminder your looking for or are you interested in becoming a minder yourself

giz Mon 04-Sep-06 20:32:35

Sorry! I didn´t quite explain myself did I? We´re looking for a childminder, people keep suggesting that getting an au pair would be a good option as I speak spanish to the girls but I feel like they´re really young. The eldest is 3 and the youngest is 1. I feel much more confident knowing that a qualified person is looking after them.
I´m not quite sure about what to do. I took a career break to look after them but my break is now over and today was my first day back at work. Dh is looking after them until we get childcare sorted. Have you got any suggestions or advise? we could really do with it! Thanks!

mancmum Mon 04-Sep-06 20:43:52

I live in Didsbury - know a few good ones... I will CAT you if you are interested....

giz Mon 04-Sep-06 21:56:05

Hi Mancmum, thanks for your message. Sorry if I find a bit daft but what does CAT mean? It must be the spanish in me but I can´t work it out!

mancmum Mon 04-Sep-06 23:10:08

Hi! CAT Is contact another talker -- sending an email in other words!! I am away for a few days this week so hope to send something later this week! DO not want to post names and details of child minders without them knowing!!

giz Mon 04-Sep-06 23:17:32

Thanks for that! Very much appreciated plus I´ve learnt something new! Hope you enjoy your time away.

TanyaGiselle Tue 05-Sep-06 15:02:42


I'm also looking for childminders in Didsbury/Withington - I wondered whether you might be able to CAT (I'd never heard of this either!) me too?



tottle Wed 06-Sep-06 20:55:34

I am childminder in wythenshawe with vacancies...I have been registered for 5 years have a btec in nursery nursing have a first aid certificate a loving home and lots more..........

giz Thu 07-Sep-06 20:56:32

Hi tottle! Thanks for your reply. Our eldest will be joining nursery in january and we´re looking for somebody in the area who could take her and pick her up from school while looking after our youngest. Do you do school pick ups? We live in Withington.

tottle Fri 08-Sep-06 20:52:39

I do pick ups from a school close to where i live so i wouldnt be able to pick up unless it was part time nursey

giz Mon 11-Sep-06 20:01:33

Hi Tottle, thanks for replying....I´m afraid it wouldn´t be part time nursery. Thanks anyway!

May1 Tue 12-Sep-06 11:42:50

Dear "mancmum",

I am in the same position as the person who started this thread: I am looking for a good childminder in Didsbury. Could you possibly contact me about those you know (ditto anyone else reading this message who has recommendations)? I have a 14-months-old boy. At the moment, his childcare consists of a combination of a nanny (3 days per week) plus a nursery (1.5 days per week). We are not wholly happy with this arrangement. Our nanny increasingly spends her days socialising with her friends, so that our child is in a new environment almost every day. It is not clear to us why we are paying exorbitant nanny rates when she provides so little spatial continuity and personal attention for our child. At the same time, the nursery, while providing lots of excellent stimulation, has so many different staff that our son seems increasingly panicked by the prospect of meeting lots of strangers every time he goes. A childminder (i.e. someone who looks after a small group of children in their own home) strikes us as a good compromise, and hopefully a longer-term solution, allowing our toddler to socialise with other children, but also to have the security of seeing one person he knows every day. We have not yet made a definitive decision about where to go from here, and are still trying to sort things out with our nanny. But it would be good to know whether there are local alternatives out there! I would also be very interested in hearing about other people's experiences with different types of childcare.

tinkerbellmum Thu 11-Jun-09 08:49:53

I'd also like to get hold of a list of childminders in teh Didsbury area please. I'll be returning to work in September and will need part-time care for my daughter, who'll be seven months old by then.


pepper1314 Fri 21-Aug-09 10:46:47

Hi, please could anyone recommend a few childminders in Didsbury area. I'll be returning to work in October and will need full-time care for my daughter, who'll be over eight months old by then.

Here's my email address:


DidsburyMama Sun 13-Dec-09 15:16:03


Could someone please help me and advise me of registered childminders in Didsbury. I have two children, aged 2.5yrs and 8months and require childcare for 2 days a week.

Many thanks,

Lilley78 Mon 10-May-10 09:13:55

I'm looking for a childminder in Didsbury/Withington with a good reputation. Only 4 months pregnant but planning ahead. I will need the childcare from August 2011 when my baby will be 10 months old.
Any recommendations would be helpful.
Many thanks

sleeplessinseatle Wed 12-May-10 20:40:39


I don't know any personally, but I know East Didsbury Methodist Church on Parrswood Road has a childminders playgroup once a week.

Perhaps you could contact them so, any with a vacancy could let you have thier details.

moogster1a Thu 13-May-10 07:50:24

my word, I wish I lived in Didsbury still. Sounds like I'd have no problem filling my vacancies!!

Courgetta Sat 26-Jun-10 20:04:22

Hi there! May be a good way to go is for someone to leave a link here to a good website with a list of childminders? I tried looking in different places, but no luck!

mariemc Fri 13-Aug-10 22:40:53

Hi, im a childminder in Didsbury (with vacancy) two good sites are and the directgov website has a list of childminders in parents/childcare section, hope this helps

carongasper Fri 19-Nov-10 02:33:45

Hi we are registered childminders located in the northern quarter and moving to withington in about 6 weeks time.

Hayley1985 Mon 26-Sep-11 19:15:47

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Mistybuster Wed 02-Jul-14 13:12:27

I am a childminder in Withington with 17 year of changing nappies and having fun

Mistybuster Wed 02-Jul-14 13:15:33

You can go on childminding uk or net mums for child minders I am on there if you need one in the Withington area email robinaburke1@

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