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Nanny & Ofsted Registration & DBS checks - help!

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webminx Thu 15-May-14 10:58:25

We recently got a new nanny. She great and the kids love her and we need to start paying some of her wages with our childcare vouchers (they've been building up in our voucher provider account since we removed the kids from nursery) before I have to sell a kidney on ebay!

She has registered with Ofsted so we can do this but we're both a bit ???? about what happens next. I think I need (or she needs?) to get a DBS check?
Not sure if I need to do that through an agency or she needs to do that through the government/Capita scheme. Any ideas? What happens then?

If anyone's done this already, I'd be really glad to hear how it went - we're a bit confused by the whole process!
Thanks in advance

nannynick Thu 15-May-14 11:46:52

Ofsted should have given her information about how to get a DBS check.

From what I know, it is done online via a website. The code needed and a link is provided in the Ofsted Guide to Registration.

Ofsted DBS Application Website
Code is: OfSTEDA (note the lowercase f). No password is needed.

Not sure what happens then but I guess that ID needs to be checked. See Step Three of Process.

DO NOT USE AN AGENCY TO DO THE CHECK - Ofsted must have the DBS check done via the OfstedDBS/Capita online system.

ForeskinHyena Thu 15-May-14 11:49:13

Yes if I recall, OFSTED will send her the details for her Capita check and then she applies online and pays the fee. Might be worth checking with them first in case you don't need to wait for them to send you the link - I can't remember if you needed anything specific from OFSTED to make the application.

Beware, my DBS check took 3 months - yes 3 MONTHS! - to come through rather than the 4 weeks I'd been told, as the local police had it sat on their desk for 60 days before OFSTED were allowed to chase it, giving them a further 14 days (of doing nothing) before I was then told to chase it myself. I then phoned the local police force and asked the guy dealing with it to hurry it along. A week later I got it in the post.

If I had to do it again I'd chase it myself sooner rather than wait for it to go through the whole procedure, as that wasted so much time and lots of money for the parents having to pay me with money rather than vouchers.

webminx Tue 05-Aug-14 20:27:05

Thanks all - so the DBS check has gone through but not sure what to do now? We've done the ID check. None the wiser after going through the website and its many, many guides.... Any ideas?

ACM88 Tue 05-Aug-14 21:52:51

Now she has done the DBS, she needs to complete Ofsted form, and submit it. They will reply almost immediately either giving her further instruction or saying thank you, we will now review it.

All being well, from there Ofsted will get in touch when they need copies of certificates,(has she got current first aid and early years training? If not she needs to get it now-both will cost!) they will also need nanny to print off medical declaration form from Ofsted website, and get it signed by her GP, they may charge for this, I was charged £60! She will then need to also pay Ofsted fees- not sure what these are for nanny. All in all it will take around 12weeks, and cost £200-300!

ACM88 Tue 05-Aug-14 21:55:02

Should say they will get in touch in next few days and give her a unique ref number, this will become the number you need as employer, to use vouchers, but it won't be active until the whole process is complete, so don't try use it until certificate has arrived!

nannynick Tue 05-Aug-14 22:18:15

Medical form signed by GP should not be needed for a nanny (home childcarer).
Make sure Ofsted form is filled in correctly as same form used for childminders and nannies.

Webminx, have they completed the online registration form?

On you can find a guide I wrote in 2013. Doubt much has changed so take a look.

nannynick Tue 05-Aug-14 22:31:37

From Sept new applicants need to be on the DBS update service.
I would do that now. Details at
There is a very short period of time from getting DBS check to register for update service.

ACM88 Tue 05-Aug-14 22:46:03

Hey I didn't think nannies did either nanny nick- but my friend was filling out her forms today and she was told by ofsted that she needed medical declaration form confused

nannynick Tue 05-Aug-14 22:56:26

Ofsted have removed the manual forms so now impossible to know correct way to fill out the form. I would guess though that your friend is completing it wrong. Ofsted are not making a suitability decision on nannies based on health.

ACM88 Tue 05-Aug-14 23:06:48

Thanks for info, I will pass it on to her and tell her to double check with ofsted again!

nannynick Tue 05-Aug-14 23:19:49

On the online system, need to select

Online Applications

CR1 application

Then on question A1 need to select Be A Home Childcarer.

nannynick Tue 05-Aug-14 23:21:44

If it turns out that it is needed for nannies please let BAPN know so it can be raised with Ofsted.

ACM88 Wed 06-Aug-14 13:19:28

Hey nanny nick- just to follow up, my nanny friend has successfully filled out and sent off CR1 form, she rang Ofsted this morning, and was told for second time that she does need a medical declaration form.

adp73 Wed 06-Aug-14 18:06:42

You know it shocks me that Nannies can apparently Register with Ofsted with so few checks and look after small children.

I think if a family wants a Nanny to Register so they can Claim their Childcare Vouchers they should go through all the checks a Childminder has to to register and be confirmed that they are suitable to work with children. This means having a medical check done, DBS, completing a basic Childcare Course, First Aid and Child Protection Training all before they can register and checking the environment is safe and the correct insurances are in place. Surely an employer would like to know the person who is caring for their children at least meets all these basic requirements anyway and is proven fit to work?

If Ofsted have changed their requirements good for them.

nannynick Wed 06-Aug-14 19:43:35

Ofsted register nannies, they do not regulate them. There is a difference there and whilst not everyone agrees with it, that is the system they have in place at present. If they decide to change that system, then they can do so by going through changing the law, not by moving the goal posts.

Childminders get just as upset about Ofsted changing rules. It is unreasonable for them to publish guidelines, legislation and other documents and then inspect a childminder against different things. All childcare providers need to know what they have to comply with otherwise they can't possibly comply.

Medical checks are quite a good idea but it adds a lot of cost. Who pays that? Ultimately it is parents needing the childcare. Our Government keeps saying they are lowing the cost of childcare, yet if Ofsted are now requiring medical checks for nannies, then they are Increasing the cost of childcare as the nanny will simply require that parents offer a higher salary, in the same way childminders or nurseries increase their fees.

nannynick Wed 06-Aug-14 19:49:48

Having worked on the Ofsted helpline I am fully aware that information given to the staff there may not be right all the time. They have to remember a lot of things and it is quite possible that they get mixed up - as Ofsted has called two registration categories the same thing - Home Childcarer. Maybe what Ofsted needs to do is create a different registration category for Over 8's Childminders.

Registration Factsheet was last updated in May 2013... so Ofsted have published nothing new for those who are going through the application process.
Though I did notice last night that they have added something new on this page but it is about DBS checks, not medical forms.

nannynick Wed 06-Aug-14 19:58:49

ACM88 - is your friend having to complete the Health Declaration Booklet?

nannynick Wed 06-Aug-14 20:00:57

Before completing that, please ask your friend to contact BAPN as even if not a member they will to help and they have contact with Ofsted at a higher level just calling the helpline.

ACM88 Wed 06-Aug-14 20:29:49

I will double check with her tomorrow- but I'm pretty certain she said she had to print off a form and take to docs to sign, which is exactly what I did as a CM. My only other thought was perhaps she has disclosed an illness which is why Ofsted are asking her for more info, but I don't know her that well to know her medical history!

webminx Thu 07-Aug-14 12:20:59

Hi again all,
So we've figured out what we need to do next (i.e. wait for the DBS certificate and then submit application). Thanks to Nannynick for the guide on her website - would have been totally at sea without that!
Last confusion point: Do we have to pay (another) fee when we submit the application?
Does the nanny (our employee) need to get public liability insurance or do we (the employer) need to get it? And does anyone know very roughly what that might cost either one of us. Thanks!

FlorenceMattell Thu 07-Aug-14 12:35:03

Nanny insurance Eg Morton Michael 3 million public liability, legal expenses and helpline for nanny employees costs £61 if Ofsted Registered.
I thought you needed for Registration but maybe is just something they check afterwards.
As an employer you need to take out insurance for having an employee in your house. Incase she sues you when she trips over the cat smile
I believe sometimes you can extend your home insurance policy.

FlorenceMattell Thu 07-Aug-14 12:41:24

Re health declaration. Would make no sense for a nanny. She is not offering a service to the public; clients using her service can't ask re personal health in depth. They can ask but it up to her what she declares.
Where as when a nanny is employed ; like all employers her boss can ask for detailed health record and health check if necessary before signing the contract. If she doesn't disclose something the contract would be void.

FlorenceMattell Thu 07-Aug-14 12:43:32

Sorry half asleep,
clients using childminders can't demand health checks so names sense to be part of registration.

ACM88 Thu 07-Aug-14 13:53:00

That's what I thought florence many years ago, and I know things change, but I registered as nanny and wasn't required to do health check. However having spoken to my nanny friend, and saw her application form before she submitted it, I know for certain she was asked to fill out one by Ofsted, this was then confirmed twice over the phone. As I say, I only know her professionally, so I did wander perhaps she had disclosed illness/disability so Ofsted were asking for further info. I don't know, but she has definitely been told to print off medical declaration form and GP needs to sign and stamp it.
I'm painfully aware of the inconsistencies of Ofsted, and it makes any communication with or about them, very difficult, because everyone has different experiences. I have recently registered my hubby as my childminder assistant, and that was strangely simple!!

Sorry OP I'm probably making this very hard for you hahhaa if in doubt, call Ofsted, twice, and do as they ask. Any troubles, be persistent, and ask to speak to line manager.

Re fees: So far you would have paid for DBS- around £55? But I don't think nanny would have paid Ofsted registration fee yet. Don't know exact figure of that, but when I registered 4yrs ago it was £105. I should imagine nanny would have already purchased insurance, Ofsted will only let you go so far with application until you have. I wouldn't know how much that is I'm afraid, mine was around £75 I think. If you wanted her to be registered, then it would suggest you pay, as it's very little benefit for nanny to be registered, it's mostly so you can pay her via vouchers.

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