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French-speaking childminder in Penge/Beckenham or Brixton area?

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Marielep Mon 12-May-14 15:49:24

Hi there, I'm finding it difficult to find a French-speaking childminder in South-East London where I live (Penge-Beckenham) or where I work (Brixton, Oval). I have done Gumtree but not sure its the best... Has anyone got any recommendations as to where to look? Or even better, could anyone recommend a good French-speaking childminder in the area? Thanks!!

hotcrosshunny Tue 13-May-14 22:37:05


Marielep Tue 13-May-14 23:12:33

Hi hotcrosshummy, yes thanks I tried but when you search for childminders on their website, I seem to not be able to do an advanced search where I can search for French speaking childminders only... So I get hundreds of childminders with no way of knowing if they speak French...Or have I missed something?

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Tue 13-May-14 23:15:12

Try local sure starts? One of ours had a group for Spanish childminders and parents.

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Tue 13-May-14 23:16:33

Do you want the CM to be native French and to speak French all day? There may simply not be many or any who do this.

hotcrosshunny Wed 14-May-14 08:11:44

You can put an advert on there asking for French speaking childminders?

Marielep Wed 14-May-14 09:38:05

Thanks all. I don't need the childminder to be French, just be able to speak French to my son. I know that might be tricky as childminders don't look after just one kid so will have to be quite lucky and find one that is already looking after French kids AND in my area!!
Will post a few ad today and see if I get any response!

lovelynannytobe Wed 14-May-14 14:20:31

You could get a French speaking nanny. Childminder who speaks French only to children will be impossible to find.

lisared Thu 15-May-14 10:09:03

Did you find a childminder or nanny in the end? We're looking at French nannies at the moment and speaking to French Nanny London as they only offer French nannies and also do late notice babysitting which is great when I'm stuck!

Artandco Thu 15-May-14 10:25:56

I don't think you would find a childminder as if other parents want English speaking its hard

However there are lots of French nannies around

Sallysmurph123 Thu 12-Jun-14 19:48:48

Hi there. I was just looking through here and saw your post. So I joined Mumsnet. I am a childminder in clock house and I speak French. I was fluent but am a bit rusty now. I lived in Switzerland until I was 13. I do currently have a vacancy. I work with my husband who is also a childminder, we are both ofsted registered. How old is your little boy?

aurelieb Sun 08-Feb-15 09:07:35

Hi Marielep,
Did you manage to find somebody? I am also looking for a French childminder in the Beckenham /Penge area, although it's only for in 9 to 12 months time. I'd be interested to hear.

JassyRadlett Sun 08-Feb-15 09:15:30

Aurelie, I know a French-speaking CM in Beckenham who has started up in the last year. She used to teach French (and lived in France for a while). I'll PM you her details.

pascaler Sun 15-Mar-15 20:11:42

Hi guys
I am also interested in to get the details for a french speaking CM based in or around the following areas - Beckenham, Bromley, West Wickham. Thanks a lot

Missytiss Sat 21-Mar-15 22:27:38

We are also looking for a french or Spanish speaking childminder or nanny in the beckenham area, many thx

amarante Wed 25-Mar-15 12:21:17

Hi, i am looking for someone who can pick up my daughter from Bromley road primary school in beckenham and bring her home from monday to friday. We are near shortlands station. if anyone interested please let me know. thanks

BeckenhamMum01 Mon 01-Jun-15 11:46:44

Hi there,
I am currently in a similar position, trying to find a part-time live-out French-speaking nanny for 2-3 hours 3 days a week, for our 7 month old daughter.
We're moving to the Elmers End, Eden Park end of Beckenham and am hoping to find someone as soon as possble.
If anyone can help in any way, I'd really appreciate it.

cerealqueen Thu 04-Jun-15 13:58:58

BeckenhaMum01,if you are on Facebook, join Crystal Palace Mums facebook page, good place for finding childcare.

backwardsbendingasanas Thu 04-Jun-15 14:04:16

Ouimaman is goo for French-speaking nannies/babysitters etc in London

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