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How much do most child minders charge?

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sarahsbump Thu 24-Aug-06 10:38:30

Im due to go back to work in october when DS will be 3 months old,Im still not sure wether to put him in nursery or with a childminder.
I am hopefully going back to work for 3-4 days a week how much should I expect to pay a childminder?

EvesMama Thu 24-Aug-06 10:40:58

were are you? that depends on your charges.
im in teesside and i will be charging £3per hour per child(with variations for siblings/less hours etc)...think between £2.50 and £4.50 is average tho?

sarahsbump Thu 24-Aug-06 10:51:00

I live in Leeds
Also what sort of hours do childminders offer (whats the latest they tend to finish)

Jackmummy Thu 24-Aug-06 11:43:57

It will also depend on the experience of the cm and what kind of qualifications they have.
Also on how many children they look after. Some cm choose to care for less children and so charge slightly more per child.
The other thing is that some cm charge more for under ones.
In london you're looking at about £5/hour.

EvesMama Thu 24-Aug-06 22:12:23

my standard hours (thats all i can give cos everyones very different) will be 8.30 - 5.30, i will be working before and after but these will be charged at a higher rate, as will over night care..ring your local C.I.S or go online and fine childminder listings in your area

riab Fri 25-Aug-06 13:13:27

Around here they charge £2.50 - £3 per hour. It can depend on whether they want you to pay for a full day if you only use part days etc.

Personally I think that you would be better off searching for a childminder with only 1 or 2 other children, nurseries only have a ratio of 1:3 with under 1's and I found that when DS was in nursery p/t from 4-6mo his needs got sidetracked by the needs of older babies - there's a big difference between a 3 mo and an active crawling 10mo.

Could you possibly afford a nanny? even a younger/ less qualified nanny might well have the same level fo qualification/experience as a CM and they would give one-one care.

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