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Help - babysitting website

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nannynewo Fri 04-Apr-14 21:29:22

Hi everyone,

so I am soon to be graduating from university and still undecided about what to do after wards sad I would like to set up some sort of a business but I have absolutely no experience of what is needed to set up a business so feel maybe this should be put on hold.

Anyway, so I am thinking of maybe getting a job and then having my own babysitting website and maybe a facebook page? I have a lot of babysitting experience so could ask some of the parents to leave some feedback to help promote my mini babysitting business? Does anyone think this sounds like a good idea? Through going to university I have almost got 2 homes, so could also use the facebook page to advertise when I will be at my hometown for anyone who may need a babysitter there?
A few questions, my qualifications are simple, a degree, food hygiene certificate, CRB check and a paediatric first aid course (completing in May)... would this be enough? I have a lot of experience, I have worked in schools, I babysit literally 5 nights a week and have been a nanny in the past. I am not OFSTED registered or anything, but I guess this will be more of the evening babysitting, with the odd daytime.
Do I need to set in place tax or anything? As obviously, with babysitting it is cash in hand, yes? any tips please smile

Karoleann Sat 05-Apr-14 08:52:27

I'd just put a profile on Parents leave feedback on this. I'd update the CRB to a DBS and subscribe to the automatic update so you always have an up to date certificate. Its £20/month, but may be worth it if you get enough work from it.

Yes, you're meant to pay tax on your earnings and register as self employed- But, I can't imagine that many baby-sitters do???

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