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CMs who do wraparound - how much info for parents?

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ZuleikaD Thu 03-Apr-14 14:21:14

I have a nursery-school age child with me at the moment, and in common with the toddler and baby I look after she has a 'daybook' where I write down what she's eaten, what she's been up to during the day etc (as she only attends nursery school for 3hrs a day she's with me about double that). However, she starts full time school in September and will only be here before and after. What do other CMs provide to parents in terms of daily info for a school age child? Anything?

weekendgirl66 Thu 03-Apr-14 21:51:25

depends on the individual, most common is that the childs report is given by the provider with maximum hours ie school in this case.. in my experience anyhow.

HSMMaCM Fri 04-Apr-14 02:41:59

You're supposed to share observations with the school, to feed into their learning journey which they will ignore, but you could write any wow moments in their daily feedback and say the parents share that with school.

PhoebeMcPeePee Fri 04-Apr-14 12:49:26

For those in year 1 & above I don't do anything bar take the odd photo & for year R still under EYFS I just have a scrap book that I occasionally stick photos or pictures or artwork & might make the odd note about how this might follow the child's learning journey at school. Tbh once we've played in the park/garden, had a snack & had some wind-down time/played together, I find the last thing they want is me organising meaningful activities!!

UniS Sat 05-Apr-14 22:18:03

my 8 year old - has been with same CM afterschool on and off since year R.

Nothing written at all. CM and child both tell me a little of what they did when I pick him up.
Park , playgound, football or not, got wet or not, played lego , built dens, had the train set out As he is the last to be collected he is normally having 15 mins Cartoons or play station time when I arrive.

If I need him to have a packed tea or get changed for a sports thing I leave a message on CMs anser phone as well as reminding child in the morning. CM will e-mail me if she needs me to know something.

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