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childcare/minding search draws blanks in Harrow. Help!!!

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MaMattoo Fri 28-Mar-14 16:28:07

I posted a few weeks ago about this but had no joy so trying again.
I am looking for post school pick up and care. Tried the school, the harrow council, the local groups here and on netmums and childcare website. Drawn blanks!!
How else/where else do I look? Childcare has membership costs and I dont know if that is the only way out? Any ideas/clues/leads would be welcome. Sept 2014 child care needed in Harrow and being at work and not linked to any schooling as of now means I dont know who/how/what to do.

nannynick Fri 28-Mar-14 20:11:42

Has school place been assigned, so you know which school?

Have you identified childminders who live near to the school?
Have you called those childminders and asked to be put on a waiting list, should an after school space become available?

Are you downloading the council list every Friday? It seems to be updated weekly. Link on here... scroll down, click on Childminders for a PDF
Keep each weeks list, so you can go back through old lists and contact childminders who you can identify as living near the school, to try to get on a waiting list should a place become available. The list tends to provide full postcode, so you can use that to plot roughly where people are on a map, possibly using something like Goodle MapsEngine or a non-tech way: OS Street map of the area, which you stick pins in.

MaMattoo Mon 31-Mar-14 14:10:31

Hi, thanks for replying!
School places will be confirmed on 16 April. But I know I will get in as we share a wall with a school and it's not oversubscribed. I have contacted the nearest cms by using the council list and the one they have identified as having spaces have said they don't. hmm
Did not know the list comes each fri. Shall get it and mark changes and keep checking with cms I guess.

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