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How to interview a nanny?

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Lucyannieamy Thu 27-Mar-14 19:36:59

Hi there,
I'm just starting to look for a nanny, for just one day a week that neither our close friend/registered childminder or grandparents can do.
I never done this before, have already realised that the best nanny's, as advertised, seem to be only interested in full time positions, so I am a bit worried about finding a good nanny for our one day.
What's the best way to interview? With the children or do a first round evening without the children? The ones I have details for now, from, includes references, should I call references before or after an interview? And what's the best questions to ask, both of the nanny and of the references?
Many thanks for any and all help!

nannynick Fri 28-Mar-14 07:38:12

Initial interview:
check they meet your job spec.
check right to work in country.
check qualifications/training docs.
do you like them, feel able to chat yo them?
ask what they do in their current job.
check salary expectation if not specified in job spec.
check you both understand diff between net and gross salary - you need to agree Gross.
confirm which references you can check prior to job offer. Check by calling the families and talking generally about things such as what nanny did, would they employ again, anything that did not work well, reliability.

jesy Fri 28-Mar-14 08:46:52

Just a point
Please be honest with them regarding your requirements and how many other people you are seeing.
I've worked as a nanny and took a temp job in view to permeate post but was basically used as a fill in till the girl they'd employed could start but wasn't told this till I met the new girl to train her up a d she said they had offered her the no. The day before my interview.
What I mean buy this post is be honest yes you need some one to care fir your child but a nanny and employers it's A close relationship.
Yes lots of nanny want full time , I'd advertise for possible mums help yes she may not be so qualified but one day a week especially if your flexible May be a way for you both ie experience and child care cover,

grabaspoon Fri 28-Mar-14 10:41:50

I have had a few interviews

Jobs where there are older children - over a year generally I have had a first interview without them there and then met them at a 2nd interview. Jobs with babies I have always met mum with the baby there - either at home or in a coffee shop and had a chat with them / play/cuddle with the baby at the same time.

Short list your candidates then meet and short list again before you contact references. When looking for a job I am mindful that my referees lead busy lives and hate to inconvenience them for parents to check references and then not even get an interview so I go for the interview if I am happy I will email the prospective employer a positive message stating it was good to meet them, I am very interested and here's some referees, in the 2nd interview I am happy to give my past employers details if I want the job/they want me.

blueshoes Fri 28-Mar-14 11:01:51

One tip I read on mn. Have the children in the room when interviewing, then leave the nanny alone with the children, say to make a cup of tea or answer a call. When you come back, see whether she is interacting with them and making an effort to engage them.

PeachyParisian Fri 28-Mar-14 18:55:10

Start without DC present as it's easier to chat properly and then introduce them later on in the interview.
I agree with Blueshoes about seeing how they interact, engage etc but you don't have to leave them alone to see how they work!

It's worth inviting the shortlisted candidates for a couple of hours to run through your routine and let them experience 'a day in the life' it will let both parties see if its a good fit!

Lucyannieamy Fri 28-Mar-14 20:57:45

Thank you for your help.
I think we will do evening interviews first, it would be hard to talk with both children around and I think they might be confused if we had lots of people coming for interview.
How many interviewees should I line up?

Karoleann Fri 28-Mar-14 21:52:18

Lucy - I would always speak to a candidate over the phone first, re-iterate the what you need, so the day you need, hours, qualifications, of the need to drive, non-smoker etc. Also ask if they have any questions...

You also need to ask the candidate what they are going to do on the other days that they don't work for you. The ideal candidate is someone who has anther 3/4 day job and you are the extra day, or someone who has a child/is retired who only wants to work one day a week. Otherwise you risk losing your nanny when they are offered more days.

Make sure you offer a gross salary too as you will probably be a second employer a d won't get use ofa candidates tax allowance.

blueshoes Fri 28-Mar-14 22:42:00

Peachy, the rationale behind leaving the room is to try and suss out whether the nanny genuinely likes children. If you are not in the room, there is no particular reason for her to put on a show. So if she voluntarily interacts with your dc, it shows interest. Well, it won't be foolproof but will at least weed out the nannies whose heart is not in it.

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