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Day in the life of a nanny

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sunshine1991 Mon 24-Mar-14 23:29:54

Hi am from Edinburgh and have one dd (14 months) just playing with the idea of becomeing a nanny and to take dd with me if I can would love to hear from other nannys thanks thanks

MissMooMoo Tue 25-Mar-14 10:07:57

it depends in the age of the children really.
I look after 3 children, 6, 4, 14 months.
I arrive at 8 and prepare their breakfast, chat with older 2 about what they might like for tea or if anything is needed for school that day.
8:30 I dress baby and older 2 brush teeth and we leave for the school run.
drop at school and then nursery and then baby and I run any errands that need to be done/puy on laundry/prepare lunch for 4 yr old and baby. baby and I will maybe then go to a drop in class or group.

at noon we collect 4 yr old from nursery and come back for lunch. baby and 4 yr old then have nap time/quiet time until 2 in their bedrooms.
in that time I prep the tea (30 min max) and I have some lunch, cup of tea and a small break!
school run again at 3:15 and then its snack, homework and free time.
tea at 5, bath at 6 and I leave about 6:30 with a handover to mum or dad for bedtime.

school holidays are a totally different story!

NannyWaines13 Tue 25-Mar-14 10:33:17

I look after 2 little girls (4 & 2)
7.30 arrive, dress, hair etc.
8ish breakfast
8.30 free play, messy/crafty activity, go out to library park etc. (On Monday I do the nursery run for 4 yo then take 2 yo to a toddler group 9.30-11.30. Pick 4 yo up at 1)
12ish lunch then quiet time until 1.30/2
2 free play or go out again
4.30-5 tea
6 bath & ready for bed
6.30 parents home, handover, I leave.

grabaspoon Tue 25-Mar-14 11:07:01

I will be starting a new job soon with a baby

8am arrive and get dressed/read to go out
9am baby into pram for a walk into town [nap]
10am Baby groups
12pm Lunch time
12.30 Nap time - I do nursery duties; batch cooking, laundry, ironing,
3 Go for a walk, meet up with friends
5 Tea time
6 Parent home [handover]

surpriseme Tue 25-Mar-14 14:17:31

I have a 3.5yr old and a 22mth old.

7:50-I start, children are generally half way through breakfast. We chat, parents say goodbye and leave.
8:10-oldest gets dressed and I get little one dressed. They then play while i tidy away breakfast things and prep lunch.
8:30 clean teeth, put shoes and coat on and leave for school run.
8:45. Drop oldest off. Me and youngest go to any activities ie monkey music, little kickers, story time, playdates, park etc.
12pm pick up oldest and come home.
12:15pm oldest changes from uniform to home clothes i finish up lunch.
12:30-lunch. Cooked meal followed by yogurt.
1pm-naptime for both. I tidy up lunch, do laundry, tidy up, fill diary, prep dinner and then maybe sit for 30mins.
3-3:30pm up from nap. Snack of fruit and rice cakes/breadsticks or something similar. Milk for youngest. We then either play at home, go to library/soft play, park or playdate.
5:15 always home at this point, children have free play while I make dinner, tidy up etc
6:20 parents come in and they all sit down and eat and i leave.

In my past positions I have always done dinner earlier at 5:30 and the kids have eatten before the parents come in but in this one i cook for everyone and they eat together

Boris13 Tue 25-Mar-14 17:14:20

We are not so structured with regards to exact times...

Four children. 23 months, 5 years 7 years and 7 years

7.30- Arrive..

7.30-8.30 Sort breakfast, make lunch for little one, make dinner, tidy up, sort out school stuff

8.45 - School run

9-3 Spend day with toddler, groups, play dates, soft play, sleep, lunch, snacks
No set times as such.

3.15- School pick up

3.45-5 - Park

5-6.30- Back at house, dinner, tidy up, play

6.30 - End of day

smilingthroughgrittedteeth Tue 25-Mar-14 17:23:53

My charges are 5 and 8 now so both at school my routine goes.....

7.30 - arrive, get book bags ready
7.45 - get kids up and dressed, hair done.
8.00 - breakfast
8.30 - leave for school
9.15 - tidy kids rooms, put washing on, prepare tea, run general errands, deal with builders, plumbers, deliveries etc
2.30 - leave for school pick up
3.00 - pick up from school
3.30 - homework
4.00 - free time
5.00 - tea
6.00 - bath/shower
6.30 - hand over and leave

They also have various groups they need taken too

Cindy34 Tue 25-Mar-14 18:03:01

7 start, get children to eat breakfast and get dressed.
8:30 school run
9 toddler group, or some other activity with younger children
11:30/12 lunch
1-3 afternoon activity, baking at home, park/playground
3 school run
3:30 playground, or play at home, or visit friends home
5 tea time
6 homework? Making costumes for various school events, bake cakes for school cake sale.
6:39-7 bath time and bed for younger ones
7 parents home, with luck.

Throughout the day: laundry... the washing mountain seems endless some weeks!

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