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This topic is for discussing childcare options. If you want to advertise, please use your Local site.


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deluzy2000 Mon 24-Mar-14 10:46:11

What is the best place to advertise if you have a childminding vacancy?

Therewere5inthebed Mon 24-Mar-14 11:26:37

I always ensure my vacancy details are up to date on the local council list and advertise on The combination of the two have always worked for me.

HSMMaCM Mon 24-Mar-14 12:50:44

I agree with local council website.

I have never got any work through

Most of my work comes through word of mouth and meeting people when we are out and about.

I have got work by putting a sign on my front fence.

Runoutofideas Mon 24-Mar-14 17:58:22

Most of my work comes through the children's primary school so I would put an ad in the school newsletter.

Geneticsbunny Mon 24-Mar-14 18:43:13

I looked at hiring someone through and it was so expensive it was not feasible.

Dukketeater Tue 25-Mar-14 11:57:41

^ don't what that is about as they don't charge a commission...

Therewere5inthebed Tue 25-Mar-14 12:45:29

If the childcare provider advertising on has not paid the annual/monthly fee prospective parents can only access contact details if they stump up membership fees.

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