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Can someone walk me through the hoops of hiring a nanny?

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Linguaphile Sat 22-Mar-14 08:51:27

We have a close, trustworthy friend who has offered to nanny for us (we were already looking anyway) two days/week as her job as a writer doesn't bring in enough steady income. While I love the idea of having her nanny for us, I am a little nervous about going the nanny route as it seems fraught with hidden costs! Can someone please talk me through the legal aspect of what we would need to do to hire her (tax, NI, PAYE, sick pay, annual leave, etc) and what we can realistically expect to pay altogether? We were thinking of a gross salary of around £10 or £11 per hour (we live in zone 6 and have twins)--does this seem about right? What are the implications of hiring someone just part time (as opposed to sharing a full-time nanny)?

Cindy34 Sat 22-Mar-14 09:09:52

Salary sounds fine, not that I know where Zone6 is but I suspect on far outer London. A qualified, experienced nanny may well get/want higher but this person is not experienced or qualified, so you could well offer less.

Check, check, and triple check your budget. You are doing the right thing asking on here about what costs are involved. Look through past message threads, there are some which give some comprehensive cost calculations, though they may be a few years old, but will show things to think about.

I would factor in the cost of a payroll company, so you don't need to get too involved with payroll admin. Cost is 100-250 a year, depending on what you need. Monthly payroll is cheapest.

Employers NI varies with salary. will give Employers NI figure for 2013/14 tax year. Not sure it does 2014/15 yet. Not sure if Employers NI is changing from April.

Consider the small costs... Food/drink for nanny whilst on duty, travel whilst on duty, activities, craft supplies. Things will vary over time as children get older.

If working same number of hours each day, holiday entitlement can be calculated in Days. Otherwise calculate in Hours.
Minimum entitlement is 5.6 weeks x hours or days worked.
So if 3 day: 5.6 x 3 = 16.8 days. You can round UP, you can't round Down. So 17 days would be reasonable.
If a bank holiday falls on a working day, you can insist that it is taken as annual leave.

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