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Finding a nanny:what's the best way?!

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TuffEric Fri 21-Mar-14 14:00:45

Hi all,
We're looking for a nanny for our two girls from July. Our eldest has been in nursery 3 days a week since she was 6 months old, but my hours now mean this isn't feasible any more. I've registered on on the advice of a friend, but some have suggested Gumtree. Can anyone advise me where I should be looking/ how I should advertise to get the best quality applicants? Should I be forking out for an agency? Thanks!

Mandy21 Fri 21-Mar-14 14:08:53

I registered on childcare but I think you have to pay �20 to be able to send messages to anyone that is interested. I didn't pay it in the hope that people would email me (no-one did but I was looking for an after-school nanny --gold dust--).

I did put a post of gumtree and got lots of replies - have to say none that I would have followed through. I was a little uncomfortable about it in the first place, but when I saw the replies I was getting, for me at least, it didn't seem like the appropriate way of finding someone I was happy to leave my children with.

In the end - we found someone by word of mouth. Have you approached the nursery staff - in my nursery contract we weren't allowed to approach any of the staff to ask them to be a nanny (well, not without a �1000 fine!) but the staff may know of other children who have nannies. And then nannies tend to know other nannies and you might find something via the grapevine if enough people know that you are looking. Do you know anyone who has a nanny / contacts with playgroups / schools etc?

Failing that, I did speak to a nanny agency - I think a straightforward nanny appointment is relatively easy and if you're prepared to pay the commission then it is a good way to go. They sort out the applicants, conduct initial interviews etc, sort out pay.

Good luck.

nannynick Fri 21-Mar-14 14:48:30

Nannies will look in various places for jobs:
local agency
gumtree /

When placing ads make sure you include as much as posible so people know what the job involves, hours, pay, driver needed, car provided or not. Make it clear that you will be employing them correctly - registering as an employer, PAYE.

For membership sites, pay the fee so you can message people. Do not expect job seekers to pay to contact you. Remember to cancel subscription once finished recruitment process.

If you need someone quickly then call local agency and ask how many nannies they have on their books (who have already been interviewed, background checked) looking for work you are offering.

If rural, consider local ads in convenience stores/other places that allow ads.

emily94 Wed 02-Apr-14 17:13:31

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