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After school nanny

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MissFenella Thu 20-Mar-14 16:32:04

I will be employing an after school nanny for about 10 hours a week. Salary will be under NI and tax threshold so presume I just need a contract of employment.
If she gets another part time job do I have to worry about applying tax and NI at that point or is it up to her/other employer to sort.

Appreciate this is a board for general advice - just trying to work out if I need to seek out professional help with payroll etc.


nannynick Thu 20-Mar-14 16:53:33

It will depend if they have an existing income at the time you employ them. Salary will need to be under the Lower Earnings Limit for National Insurance.

HMRC: Registering as an Employer

You may also get some initial advice from nanny payroll companies.
You need to know if the person has any other income.
HMRC New Employer helpline will be able to advise, ask your nanny for their last P45 and then call the new employer helpline.

Agree a gross salary. If she gets another job, then she should tell that employer that it is not her only employment.

slowcomputer Thu 20-Mar-14 17:15:53

Definitely agree a gross salary. My current nanny wanted £10 per hour net but her existing employer had also agreed to £10 per hour net using all her tax free allowance, so I would have had to pay much more gross than her other employer. I said that I wasn't happy to subsidise someone else's nanny and she got her other employer to recalibrate the gross pay so we both pay her £10 per hour net and we share the tax free allowance. But crucially, the contract states gross pay.

If she gets a second employer, you may find her coming back to renegotiate with you on the gross sum......

MissFenella Thu 20-Mar-14 18:09:01

Got you - great advice both, many thanks

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