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Nursery recommendations Westcliff / Southend

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jorussell74 Fri 14-Mar-14 20:52:03

Hi, I wonder if anyone had recommendations. I live in Westcliff, (around Westcliff station) and I am struggling to find a nursery within walking distance that anyone has a good word to say about! I know its an emotive subject but asking about this on Facebook has started arguments so I've had to drop it.

I need to be able to drop my daughter off on the way to a station so it needs to be nearish to Southend Central or Westcliff and we don't drive, I'll be walking. She will only be 10 months when she goes in so they need to accept babies.

I have been to look at one, the Royal Village Nursery and that was OK but I want to look at some more, not just go with the first one. I'm going to look at one called the Little Stars nursery in Southend Town centre but I'm stuck as to anymore.

I should add that my partner is no good at looking at any of these he is so scared something will happen to her and she won't be able to tell us. Therefore I need sensible advice from those in the know please!

Do you know of any really good ones or does your child go somewhere you would recommend?


janett Sat 15-Mar-14 00:27:20

hello, having read your post I felt the need to reply. Have you considered using a childminder rather than a nursery. In my opinion nurseries are not ideal for young babies and benefit more in a home from home type setting. Just my opinion of course as having worked in nurseries. If you do decide on a nursery then look at as many as possible and have a list of questions . Also take note of the size of room for the number of babies, as these can sometimes be quite small, although not illegal.

jorussell74 Sat 15-Mar-14 11:33:59

I'm not completely averse to childminders, although my boyfriend would prefer the relative openess of a nursery in comparison but again, I'd want recommendations. I looked on and was shocked to see that several of the childminders registered for our area had a 'selfie' as their picture - head tilt, boob thrust, pout - and there is no way on earth I'd put my daughter in with someone who considered that a good official look for childcaring :horrified laugh:

janett Sat 15-Mar-14 23:34:17

I agree that is not a good way to entice parents to consider them. I think southend council have a list, also have you tried looking on 'net mums' on your local site, there are quite a few advertising . Just like nurseries you need to look at a few and go with your gut feeling.

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