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where do you look for good babysitters?

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AdeleNazeem Thu 13-Mar-14 23:02:57

my daughter's a teenager now, off doing her own thing ... so it's been some time since I've needed a sitter!
But, I'm back at uni now and in need of extra cash, and I'm great with kids, a qualified teacher and a parent myself, so thought a couple of evenings babysitting a week would be great, (I'm often sitting for friends but wouldn't like to go charging them!)

so where do people find good babysitters? I thought about cards in local shops, libraries... but where else? Any recommended websites, publications, agencies? I'm in north London.

apotomak Fri 14-Mar-14 12:43:15

I work through It's totally flexible and works for me. It's a bit of a faff to register as you need to attend an interview but once that's done you're up and running.

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Fri 14-Mar-14 18:29:11

Maybe start out with sitters and safehands network and build up as good reputation and then also advertise privately

NomDeClavier Fri 14-Mar-14 19:12:42

Register on various sites and see what comes up.

AdeleNazeem Wed 19-Mar-14 19:20:33

thanks all smile

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