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Wwyd child outdoors in wet clothes for over 45mins

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Waggamamma Wed 12-Mar-14 17:27:23

Just looking to get opinions of childminders and parents to help me decide whether to do anything about this that happened today.

At local park after school today a young girl aged 3-4 with a cm and lots of other children (maybe 5 or 6). The girl wet herself quite obviously, wearing light grey leggings so no hiding it. Accidents happen I understand that. But instead of gathering the other children to go home and change the cm told the girl to 'go and play it doesn't matter.' They were still in the park when we left 45mins later. Poor girl was in wet clothes all this time. Although the weather was sunny today it was still quite cold out. Not to mention the hygiene of going on play equipment in urine soakes clothes.
I felt sad for this little girl and would hate for my child to be left in wet clothes for so long. I would want to know.

I didn't catch the cm name but I did get the names of some of the minded children. I feel I should report this to someone but I can't really without knowing her name can I?
I'm in Scotland so it wouldn't be ofsted. Should I try to find out her name? She collects from a local school but not my ds's.

I'm also guessing she was a cm as there with two other local known childminders (know their faces not names) and she had lots of unrelated children with her. But I realise she might have been an auntie or friend (definitely not parent or grandparent).

wwyd if you had witnessed this? try to get her name and report it or hust forget it happened?

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 12-Mar-14 18:10:12

The obvious solution would be to have spare clothes with her - as a nanny I would have spare leggings pants either in the car /buggy or my bag if young children

Maybe she said to the girl - I haven't got any spare clothes - we can go one and get dry ones or you can stay for a play but will be in wet clothes

Was the child bothered / upset etc

minderjinx Wed 12-Mar-14 18:15:19

I think I would have had to point out to the CM/auntie/whoever that her little girl had wet pants - then she would have known that it had been noticed and might have taken her home, or explained to you why she wasn't doing that.

HSMMaCM Wed 12-Mar-14 18:15:22

You'd have to know her relationship to the child really. If it was her own child, it's not very nice, but her decision. If it was a mindee I'm surprised she didn't have some spares with her.

Wurstwitch Wed 12-Mar-14 18:22:15

I have to say that some kids wet themselves and don't mention it at all, and are quite happy to stay in urine soaked clothes. I have two of my own. The third one hated being wet.

School didn't seem to notice, either, so it was quite usual for me to see them approaching with a huge wet (or sometimes tide dried) patch and get that sinking feeling.

It isn't particularly nice, but tbh some kids barely notice.

The cm could have just had to rush from somewhere else, or the child had never done before, or needed to stay put for twenty minutes before going int he opposite direction with a minded. I'm sure the incident will remind her to bring spares next time.

Child protection? Not so much. Kids have wee accidents. Sometimes parents forget spares.

She might have had two kids in the group who had been promised twenty minutes on the swings, and didn't want them kicking off if they had to leave straight away.

Waggamamma Wed 12-Mar-14 18:38:51

Thanks for your feedback and opinions. I will just leave it then I don't know enough to follow it up with anyone.

The things that stuck out to me were that she knew the child was wet amd took no action, the child was obviously upset and embarrassed, they didn't just stay another 10-15mins to let other kids play for a bit but over 45mins in the cold. I would be fuming and want to know if this was my child treated in such a way.

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