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childminder/nanny chat /bulletin borads

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ska Sat 12-Aug-06 22:55:06

does anybody know any good chat/bulletin boards used by nanies/childminders? Apart from this one of course!

MatNanPlus Sun 13-Aug-06 18:18:05

Try here nanny job

mum2akebk Sun 13-Aug-06 18:26:06

I have found this site great (in addition to mumsnet of course! also

(not that I spend all my time on the computer of course!)

dmo Sun 13-Aug-06 19:12:10

i use netmums

ska Mon 14-Aug-06 21:50:12

great! thanks I will take a look at these

victoriasteele Thu 21-Jul-11 10:28:48

Hi there is a new site called but I see this post is very old so prob found your favourite place for chat by now! Personally I don't get much time for chat what with working a zillion hrs, and having a bf and dog to look after, but I find forums very useful for looking up info that people have chatted about. Happy chatting!

NickNacks Thu 21-Jul-11 16:14:42

I'm a member of this one. Very good site!

confuseddotcodotuk Mon 25-Jul-11 21:20:32

Given up on nj then Victoria? wink

SuperDuperJezebel Mon 25-Jul-11 22:08:24

I wondered the same!

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