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Any qualfied cm's?

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Mum2Luke Thu 10-Aug-06 20:34:14

Am qualified to NVQ Level 3 and want to teach 3 and 4 yr olds the foundation stage curriculum are there any courses available in the Tameside, Greater Manchester/Manchester areas?

Also are there any other qualified cm's in any area?

giraffeski Thu 10-Aug-06 20:36:19

Message withdrawn

dmo Thu 10-Aug-06 21:23:06

i am a quaified c/m (dont read my other threads ) got my nneb and nvq3
at mo doing an approved scheme where i will be able to take childcare vouchers for pre-school children
this means 2 ofsted inspections
also doing a kitemark quaification
approved scheme is run by surestart i'm in northwest too

nannynick Fri 11-Aug-06 01:24:29

Mum2Luke, do you mean the Acredited Childminder scheme perhaps... part of Childminder Network, so parents who use you can pay using the Nursery Funding (EYE funding)? I think NCMA ACCF will give further info.

Sidenote: Make sure you read {\Childcare Act 2006} changes, as things are changing over the next year or so.

Mum2Luke Sun 19-Jun-11 23:17:55

Thanks for that Nannynick, there is no funding at all in this area so not sure where I can get any more qualifications. All our quality team has had to dis-band so there is hardly any support either.

nannynick Sun 19-Jun-11 23:44:14

It's been nearly 5 years... where have you been grin

HSMM Mon 20-Jun-11 07:54:41

I am a qualified CM (FDEY). There are also unqualified CMs in my area. All CMs must offer the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum to children under 5. We have an Accredited Network in our area, where CMs with at least NVQ3 (and other criteria) can register to offer the 15 hrs Government funding for pre school education, to give the parents a discount, but no-one has taken it up yet, because the CM would be worse off!

In summary - you MUST educate them as soon as you become registered, but can only offer 15 hrs free if you are accredited.

AMYJ1234 Mon 20-Jun-11 19:40:00

To be accredited you have to have NVQ3 and in my borough be on the network and have(i think) 15 hours training within certain areas. There is no further course/training needed.
You will have an 'early years consultant' who will work in the early years dept at your local council. Just give them a call and take it from there x

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