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Nanny vs nursery

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wishingforwillpower Fri 28-Feb-14 10:51:26

Hi, just looking for a bit of advice or experience from others. We have one DS who is at nursery full time and has settled in brilliantly - he really loves it there and we love all the staff and are very happy with the arrangement. The problem is that neither DH or I have any family locally and both work FT so when DS is ill it falls to us to take time off work to look after him. DS hasn't even been there a year and we already both feel a bit stressed as we have both taken a fair few days and I am now getting a bit of a hard time from my boss about it. Every time DS is sent home DH and I end up arguing as neither of us want to ask for another day off. We have DC2 on the way now so I am assuming with 2dc the problem will be even worse. A few people have recently suggested that we consider a nanny instead so really my main question is this - would we end up taking just as many days off work to cover the nanny's own sickness and holiday as we do at the moment? Also does anyone have any idea how the costs of nannies compare to FT nursery fees for two DC? The pros of the nanny option would really need to strongly outweigh the cons for us to consider moving DS from a nursery where he is very happy and settled...
Unfortunately going part time is not an option for either of us at the moment - we wouldn't manage financially and neither of our bosses would be willing to consider it.
Advice and thoughts much appreciated!

Cindy34 Fri 28-Feb-14 11:30:53

Hard to know how often someone may be ill. However adults usually have a better immune system than children, so fight off illness, plus may still be able to do some work whilst not feeling their best. Problems come though with long term illness, breaking bones - so whilst someone may not have any sick leave for many years, when they do need it it may be for weeks or even months.

Pros and cons to all types of childcare and parenting generally. You and DH need to have a good work life balance, spending time with your children - they quickly grow up, so look at what you can do... such as can you work from home, do 5 days work in 4 long days.

Once you have two or more children a nanny becomes more viable. The more children the better as nannies are paid per family, not per child. You dictate the salary so you can work out what you can afford, offer a bit below that and see what candidates you get.

You need to realise that you are a boss, an employer. That comes with various legal duties, including running payroll, paying Employers national insurance, having suitable insurance cover in case an employee injures themselves at your home, managing your employee, keeping track of holiday taken and agreeing holidays in advance. It all sounds a bit complex at first but you soon get into the swing of things and nanny payroll companies can take a lot of the burden off you for the financial related tasks.

How much a nanny will cost will vary a bit by area, city is often higher, especially London. There are some examples of cost of employing a nanny on here... have a look through past messages, use Advanced Search (if it's working) look for things like "Employers NI" as that will often pick out message threads to do with employing someone.

wishingforwillpower Fri 28-Feb-14 19:00:30

Thanks that's really helpful, I hadn't even thought about the logistics of paying tax etc. I have thought of eg working four long days instead of five and again I just don't know if that's better or worse - barely seeing DC at all for four days but having a whole extra day together vs having approx 1.5 hours together in the morning and 2 hours together in the early evening five days per week.
Would love to hear from anyone who has used both a nanny and a nursery and has experience of both.

Forester Fri 28-Feb-14 19:11:52

I've only used a nursery so don't have any experience of nanny's. But have you investigated emergency childcare? Depending on where you live there may be an agency that provides nanny's for odd days - to cover for the situation you are describing.

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