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Childminding assistant???

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carr98 Mon 24-Feb-14 12:07:38

Hi there new to this I mostly just linger on outskirts but need advice so thought I would ask here first to find out basics if I need an assistant do I need to pay them for them to count within ratios ie my husband do I need to employ him and pay him or just register him as my assistant ? If he is here then can I use him to care for children while I do school runs ext ? Do I ave o advertise before I can appoint him? Is there a minimum age for cm assistant e.g. my 16 yo Daughter is college part time could I use her ? It's a mine field
Thank you for any help

squinker45 Mon 24-Feb-14 12:37:50

I want to know how to go about getting a dbs check for an assistant as the information seems to be hidden very well and I can't find it! Also Ofsted say they can't give out the information and refer back to the page where it is not. Anyone help? SOrry for thread hijack but you might need to know this too I hope x

badgerhead Mon 24-Feb-14 15:27:08

My dh is my assistant, & although working currently, has handed in his notice & is joining me full time in 2 weeks time!
For an assistant to be left with children by themselves, e.g. school run they must hold a paediatric first aid qualification. You also need to have employers public liability insurance £5 a year through PACEY, not sure on MM .
To register an assistant the form EY2 needs to be completed, this can be downloaded from Ofsted, & sent into Ofsted. It is likely to trigger a DBS check, (which you now have to pay for).
I also employed a qualified assistant for 11 weeks at the end of last year who I had to do an EY2 form for & that took about 5 weeks to be processed!
The youngest an assistant can be is 17, (my dd2's birthday is in April & will be registering her then).
Oh & if the assistant is a family member you do not 'need' to pay them!

apotomak Mon 24-Feb-14 17:24:49

It may be worth 'paying' an assistant who is also a family member as it is a cost and then you can deduct it from your turover so you will pay less tax if you're earning over the threshold.

squinker45 Mon 24-Feb-14 21:13:26

Thanks for that, very helpful indeed. I am off to find the EY3

squinker45 Mon 24-Feb-14 21:13:38

EY2 I mean

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