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Holiday childcare for preschoolers?

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DebugMe Sun 23-Feb-14 15:12:38

I've just recently gone back to work part-time (3 days a week), and the children (age 3.5 and 2) go to the village preschool those days. However the preschool is term-time only.

We're struggling at the moment to find childcare provision for school holidays. All the holiday clubs are school age only, local childminders are full. We can stagger our holidays to some extent and rely on grandparents for one or two weeks over the summer, but that still leaves us quite a few weeks short once you take into account half terms, easter hols etc.

Worst case is we end up taking unpaid leave, but do you think a temporary nanny would be the answer? Are there such things and would we get much choice about who, if we used an agency? Would 3 days a week care be too much for an au-pair? (Also have quite a lot of reservations about au-pairs generally, not sure I'm willing to trust a teenager with my PFB and PF2B!). Would childminders be interested in someone for just a few weeks even if we could find one locally?

I've had my head in sand about this really, since going back to work, but could really do with some ideas. Thanks in advance.

MyNameIsKenAdams Sun 23-Feb-14 15:14:27

Do you know any teaching assistants that may be keen on temp nannying during school holidays?

Bearwantsmore Sun 23-Feb-14 15:16:10

What do you do now for before and after school care? Or does your preschool have longer hours?

To be honest, I'm in a similar position (well I have a reception age child plus a younger one) and I think unpaid leave may be the answer. For me the cost isn't that different from having a temp nanny and if it will work with your job I think it's nicer for them to have you around do that the holiday is a proper break rather than -another busy childcare environment.

TheScience Sun 23-Feb-14 15:16:53

How about advertising for a uni student - especially someone doing early years/early primary education?

Will any of the pre-school staff do some babysitting in the holidays? Might be especially attractive if they could bring their own child with them. Or maybe a school TA?

ojmevm Sun 23-Feb-14 16:40:59

where do you live op? this is the kind of work that I would take on. I work pt term time only and also work as a mat nurse/night nanny but again on a very pt/ad hoc basis. I would need to be able to bring one or both of my DCs with me for some or all days/weeks but in principle someone like me could do it, I'd second the suggestion of maybe one of the pre-school staff.

Lucylouby Sun 23-Feb-14 17:04:53

Students, (maybe phone collage/university and ask if they would be able to advertise your vacancy somewhere childcare/teaching studeents would see it) preschool staff,teaching assistants, dinner ladies, do you have a friend who could help you out. You have her children for a day while she does what she needs to, she has your dc while you work. Ak around among your group of friends, see if anyone can suggest someone. I'm a cm and if I could fit your dc in I would, but I don't know any cm round here with 2 spaces which is what you would need. But if they look after teachers children they may have spare holiday places. You would need to phone round and ask.

DebugMe Wed 26-Feb-14 12:42:41

Thanks for all the tips. I hadn't thought of asking the preschool staff! Asked today and someone was interested, so hopefully that will work out really well. As its only a few days every now and then, I really like the idea of having someone the children and I know and trust. Great result!

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