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Tips on interviewing a nanny

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missbigpants Sat 22-Feb-14 22:06:04

Hello Ladies!

Hope everyone is doing well!!

I have just had my baby 6 weeks ago and am looking to go back to work when she is 9 or 10 months old, and due to my working pattern and the fact my girls all go to different schools a nanny seems to be the best option!!

Now my problem here is i have never employed a nanny before i always used day nurseries... so... does anyone have any tips on the interview stage...

Firstly where to hold the interview? would it be better somewhere mutual like a cafe maybe? or do i invite the candidate to my house???

any tips in general on interviewing nannies would be much appreciated.


Cindy34 Sat 22-Feb-14 23:06:48

As a nanny I prefer interviews in the home, as then I know where I would be working. First interview can be without children present, perhaps in the evening. Then invite back best 2 candidates to meet your children.

However you are getting ahead of yourself. Before thinking about interviewing you need to work out your budget, what you will pay the nanny, how you will advertise for a nanny, the details of the job such as working hours, what you expect the nanny to do during the day. You may want to write out a job description, as that may be helpful to email to candidates. You will want to sift through initial applications - so you will need a list of Must Have, Desirable, in terms of training and qualities.

JessMcL Tue 25-Feb-14 22:32:59

You are getting ahead of yourself. You need to decide what you are going to pay your nanny. If your in London you are looking at about £10ph net for an experienced nanny- note how I say "net" and not "gross". You will be their employer and so will be responsible for paying their tax and NI as well as employers NI and holiday pay.

You will pay less for a newly qualified nanny/live in nanny- but then you have to provide accommodation (own bed and usually ensuite bathroom) and you have to live with having another adult living in your home which can present problems of its own but would be a cheaper option and a better one if you require a very early start.

Then you need to decide whether or not your going to search yourself or go through an agency. Make sure you do lots of research on what nannies should have and what are relevant qualifications and what aren't- going through an agency will save you this "stress" but make sure your sitting down when they tell you how much it will cost. Some agencies ask for fees up front and others don't require any fees until a nanny has been placed with you and you are satisfied- although they all of course offer money back guarantees if either party is unsatisfied. As you are "new" to this- I would recommend with going with an agency. They will do background checks, check the nannies ID and qualifications/DBS check and references and will arrange interviews for you.

If your going through an agency I wouldn't worry about interviewing in your own home- its pretty much a dead cert that the person is who they say they are. If advertise yourself- I would meet in a mutually convenient public place and then invite 2/3 of the top candidates to your home to look around and meet your children.

Make sure you see a proof of identification, ORIGINAL certificates for qualifications/DBS/First aid, driving licences (both parts) if the nanny is a driver, correct car insurance and I would check references before interview- ask for at least one written and one verbal although you should ask for name, address, email address and contact telephone number for each reference- the more s/he can provide the better.

Make sure you make it clear what the hours will be (not a rough estimation- if you are unsure with times of commute etc always over estimate and not under estimate) what EXACTLY will be required and what your views are as a parent (for example how you want to wean your child, if you want them wearing cloth nappies over disposables, if you want them to keep a diary etc) and what you consider acceptable for the nanny to do r.e. activities/punishment etc.

After all this- offer the nanny a job with a 4 week trial period and be there for a couple of days to supervise and ensure you are all a "good fit".

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