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Help me figure out what to pay...

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OverseasNannySearch Sun 16-Feb-14 16:38:37

Please smile

I am looking to employ an English nanny in the Middle East, but have absolutely no idea what I should be offering in terms of salary.

I have three DC: 2 at school, one at nursery three days a week, starting school FT in September.

Big con is I require long hours: 6am -7pm although there would be "free time" when kids are at school.

I would prefer live in but tbh I don't know if that would alter the cost and I will be looking for someone with experience and a driving license.

There is very little market for western nannies here so not much to base my thoughts on I have spoken to two agencies and one seemed unrealistically low and the other was super expensive so would really appreciate insight.


mrswishywashy Sun 16-Feb-14 18:08:19

It might depend slightly on exactly what country of the Middle East you are in.

I would say that a standard package that my friends have had when working in the ME is: nanny wage same London wage plus £100 per week, return flights at least once a year, health insurance, possibly extra holiday rather than the standard UK holiday. The family sorts out and pays for full work visa. Possible shipping fees at end of contract?

I would say that you are looking to pay at least £500 per week plus accommodation as live in.

I think Burlington nannies has a office in the ME and I'd also enquire with Occasional and Permanent Nannies to see if they can help.

OverseasNannySearch Sun 16-Feb-14 18:17:36

Thanks mrsw

I'm in Abu Dhabi - not sure whether that makes it more or less desirable!

Thanks for the agency suggestions.

mrswishywashy Sun 16-Feb-14 19:35:14


I would say Abu Dhabi is more desirable than say Saudi. There are other western nannies in the ME because I've seen Facebook pages so might be worth searching there and also on expat websites. You might be lucky and find someone out there who has friends in the UK who want to nanny over there as well. I loved my international jobs overseas so lots of younger nannies might like the opportunity too.

NomDeClavier Mon 17-Feb-14 11:52:06

Nannies Inc have a ME office too. It is definitely possible to find someone and I woukd agree with mrsw's benefits package.

Younger is more likely but even a mid twenties nanny might have 5-10 years experience.

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