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Recommendations for Babysitter agencies ??

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mumtosp Tue 11-Feb-14 23:05:15

Hi all,

I've been hunting for a babysitter for quite some time now but with no luck sad
I need someone who can come home and look after my 16mo DS so that DH and I can have the occasional date night and maybe have a day off on our anniversary... I have asked the local childminders but none of them babysit...

I've now turned to babysitter agencies and have come across quite a few via google... Don't know which ones are good and reliable...

Any advice would be highly appreciated...

TIA smile

eurycantha Wed 12-Feb-14 14:33:51

What are are you in Mumtosp?

wadi1983 Wed 12-Feb-14 16:57:35

Would help.if you put your area??grin grin grin

NomDeClavier Wed 12-Feb-14 18:00:57 has a free babysitting service
Gumtree often has ads from sitters
Netmums childcare board will have people in your local area

FWIW I think it's worth the time and cost saving to follow these up first and get someone you can book repeatedlyrather than use an agency.

mumtosp Thu 13-Feb-14 12:30:33

Thanks for your replies smile

I live in Bromley. And yes I would prefer someone I can book regularly...

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