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Retainers during holidays

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juniper44 Sat 08-Feb-14 22:01:51

Is this normal? So far, I've only met with one childminder. She said that she would want 1/3 of normal pay for times I didn't take DD. I'm a teacher so have numerous holidays and would rather just be able to have her off with me.

Is it normal to have to pay £15 a day or so to keep the place?

Mrswellyboot Sat 08-Feb-14 22:06:58

We had this issue to but went to eight different places and found one who actually only wants term time.

The norm is to pay for two days in five during holidays from what I have experienced.

HSMMaCM Sat 08-Feb-14 22:07:39

Depends on the CM. I am open all year, so I would charge full fee for holiday and you could use the space if you want. Some CMs work term time only and won't charge for holidays.

TwittyMcTwitterson Sat 08-Feb-14 22:22:36

If say that's normal. My CM charges a half fee if you give seven days notice. Some nurseries do a 38 week year. In all honesty, though you obviously love spending time with DC, you may want a day here n there in the holidays to catch up on housework or spend with OH and reminisce about child free days gone by wink that's what we do about 1/2 days per year grin

minderjinx Sun 09-Feb-14 07:56:10

I think half fees in holidays is the most common arrangement around here. But if you shop around you might find someone who doesn't charge. But then I always advise not to get hung up on how your fees are made up - work out how much it would cost for a whole year and then compare prices, obviously taking into account how well you think each will suit your family. Some CMs include things that others don't, and of course have different hourly or weekly rates. One who charges for holidays could still be better value overall than one who doesn't. FWIW one third fees over the holidays sounds to me like quite a good deal - if you look at things from the CM's perspective she is getting to be slightly less busy for those days (as she will probably still be working), but at the expense of foregoing two thirds of the income she could have had if she had a year round child, who would almost certainly have taken some holiday too, if not all the school holiday.

tia26 Sun 09-Feb-14 09:07:50

Hi - yes this is actually very fair. I would charge full pay (or a minimum 4/5) as this is my employment (and I need to pay mortgage etc 52 weeks a year). It is very difficult to fill space for the time you would not need it- and to keep the space open for when you do. Do you not receive full pay when you are off?

FlorenceMattell Sun 09-Feb-14 10:05:41

So she is not the child minder for you. You need to find one offering term time only.

apotomak Sun 09-Feb-14 11:20:57

I offer term time only contracts with no retainer in holidays. Admittedly my fee is higher than other childminers' but I am still cheaper if you calculate the annual price. It works well for me. I like being less busy in school holidays.

almaradlu Sun 09-Feb-14 15:04:41

Again as others have said, it all depends on the childminder. Some work the whole year through (except for their holidays) , some would rather not work the school holidays.I charge a retainer in the holidays as I work the whole year (I love the holidays with the kiddies smile ).

I charge slightly less than the majority around here, so if I was to add up the annual cost for me and compare it to the annual cost for some of the others who may not charge a retainer, it usualy works out to be very similar and this is what you need to look at.

Also for families who wish to have term time only places, it leaves it very hard to fill the place in the school holidays, leaving us with a big drop in income. Very rarely I have been asked for adhoc care in the school holidays. I fI have been lucky enough to fill a place that is being retained by the parent, I always check with the parent if I can use this for another family and the family who was contracted to pay the retainer do not get charged for that time smile

We all vary in what we charge and what we provide for the fees, so you realy need to look at the overal care package that you will be paying for.

I provide nearly everything except nappies . So once a fee has been agreed, there is never anything extra to pay for -no hidden fees for day trips/toddlers etc

caz05 Sun 09-Feb-14 15:46:57

Depends on the child minder. I work term time only and found a child minder that was happy for term time only. We have also agreed to work out the years child care of 39 week and then divide that by 12 months which essentially means she gets paid in August even though I wouldn't be using her. Works well for both of us as my child care for 39 weeks of he year worked pig cheaper monthly cost when spread out over the 12 months and meant the child minder got the same money each month even with the holidays in. Hope that makes sense

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