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Hiring a Nanny

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Tottyandmarchpane Thu 06-Feb-14 19:31:55

Hi everyone, I am interviewing for a part time nanny for DD1 age 4 and DD2 age 2. Really clueless about this so am hoping you can all help me smile (have a shortlist of 4 nannies ranging from a Norland nanny to ex-nursery nurse to very little experience but keen and actually the one I warmed to the most on the phone).

1. All bar one want to bring their own child with them (all 12 months or under). Anything I should be concerned about or worried about? Anything I should particularly ask about this? I'm not sure how I would cope with 3! Presumably the Nanny's child would eat with our children etc so this is a scenario that will potentially cost us more.

2. They will need to do the school run in September and use their own car (although we will pay mileage). How much mileage pay is reasonable and do we need to top up their insurance to business insurance ?

3. They will be working 3 days per week, 9 hours per day. How do I calculate the holiday we should offer?

4. Should they expect to do a (paid) trial day with us or do we just get in with it and use the probation period to assess?

Thanks very much in advance!

Cindy34 Thu 06-Feb-14 21:27:25

Use probation period.

Holiday minimum is 5.6 weeks. As hours per day are the same you can calculate it in days, 5.6 x 3 = 16.8 which you cannot round down... so easiest to round up to 17 days. You can give more holiday than that if you wish. Bank holidays which fall on a working day can be taken as annual leave if you do not need nanny to work them.

If it is term time only, then it is more complicated.

Mileage, 45p per mile for first 10,000 miles per year. All mileage to be logged. I suggest you get a monthly report of mileage done, places been to, and pay it as soon as you can after the log has been sent to you. Nanny to insure their vehicle correctly, not you.

Given the short hours, not surprised you are having applicants with their own children. Not something I have done so do not know much about it, with luck others will be able to give advice on that.

thehiddenpaw Thu 06-Feb-14 22:53:44

Hi, I employ a nanny part time. We work holidays out as a number of hours rather than on a day rate.
I pay 45p a mile but regret this. It is to end mileage rate based on largest engine car etc. I thought I would be fair and pay nanny what my work pay me. Every yesr she asks for increase and every year I have to print off hmrc guidance and explain tax implications. I would recommend a lower mileage rate initially and allow room to manoeuvre upwards.
My nanny is returning past mat leave with baby. I did a lot of thinking before committing to the role change. Things to think about
What happens if your children sick, will she bring her child to expose to illness
What happens with her child when they are sick, can she come to work, has she any back up cover
Can all the car seats fit in the car
What if she wants to change your house arrangements e,g we have no stair gates.
What if her child has an accident in your house, who.s insurance covers claims
Depending on other child age, what arrangements are in place to supervise all 3 , we have had to retain playpen for the baby to have secure place
What is the share cost on doing things for all children, e,g mileage share if day out

Re contract, I would put an agreed probation period of two weeks in, either side can terminate and then thereafter normal notice.
For me the big issue is the extra child, will it work, will they fit in , can you cope with the extra baby clutter in your house. We can but have to allocate storage space for the baby stuff for when they are not here e.g high hair, change mat etc

NannyK7H Fri 07-Feb-14 08:33:11

Regarding the car insurance - I used to work for an employment lawyer and she was adamant that she reimburse me for the increase in insurance when I upgraded to business. (It was only about £20 I think). No other employer has done this though.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 07-Feb-14 18:51:36

1. assume the 3 who are nwoc will be earning less (10/20% less) then nanny without and ask about double buggies (if 2yr still has one) and will she be bringing a travel cot/buggy/high chair as 3 basic items toddlers need

and can she fit 3 car seats in car - many nwoc buy/take food as well to share, so you shouldnt have to feed an extra child all the time, saying that an extra potato/few veg/chicken etc doesnt cost a lot extra to feed another child if making shepherds pie/casserole etc

2 petrol is 45p mile - yes its costly to the employer but it goes towards wear and tear/tyres/servicing etc not just petrol - and yes if insurenace to business is more, its nice to pay the difference, tho many insurances dont charge more - mine doesnt

3 3 days equals 16.8 so yes round up to 17

4 if you have a trail day then yes paid, and a probation period is helpful. tho again ive never had one

Tottyandmarchpane Fri 07-Feb-14 21:06:06

Thanks very much everyone, that is really helpful. I'm still torn between the nanny' own child being great company for DD2 when DD1 goes to school and the fact that inevitably mine will get less attention.

Not sure much 10-20% less on wage is. They all want between 8.50 and £10 per hour net which sounds ok but maybe should be less if they are bringing their own child.

I am seeing them over the next week so hopefully will become clearer once I've met them (although one has already cancelled saying 'something has come up' as the reason and can we reschedule!).

Thanks again!

Tottyandmarchpane Fri 07-Feb-14 21:08:03

Oh and I'd also be really interested in hearing from any nannies who have looked after 3 of similar age (1 (own child) 2 and 4 - my children) and any nannies who do take their own child along and how they make it work best. Would be great to have that perspective.

Thanks so much.

Cindy34 Fri 07-Feb-14 22:13:50

Did you specify salary in the job ad? I guess not, thus why they are negotiating with you. Given the short hours, the hourly rate will be quite high. If they want to bring their own child, then I feel it is fair to reduce the salary as your children are not getting sole attention. Have a look at other threads on here about nanny with own child (nwoc), you find there is a mix of views with regard to salary drop or not.

Do not agree a Net salary. Do calculate what it will cost you, use current PAYE calculators to get a feel for employers NI (it may not be much depending on salary), plus estimate the other likely costs such as after-school outings/visits to friends.

Sourpickles Fri 07-Feb-14 22:17:26


am a nwoc with a 2yo- a recent family I have been with had this exact set up 1, 2& 4

I found it sooo easy. 4 yo was independent and helpful, my 2yo adored the youngest but thrived on the attention and company of eldest. .and I got lots of snuggles!

my dc would arrive in pjs, all eat breakfast together- go about our day and then have dinner/bath together then home.

my dd has always come to work with me, (2families since her birth and overlapping) and its always worked really well.


Blondeshavemorefun Fri 07-Feb-14 23:07:03

def agree/state a gross wage as 3 days/part time

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