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Nanny tax company?

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FreeButtonBee Thu 16-Jan-14 13:42:07

Which one? £276 per year seems pretty steep to me for nannytax but what do I know?! Are the other ones okay?

Cindy34 Thu 16-Jan-14 17:59:20

Depends what you need. They will all do the basic function of producing payslips and electronic filing to HMRC.

Some will assist with employment law issues.
Some will assist with creating a contract, some will produce a customised contract for you.
Some will do weekly payslips at no additional cost, others will charge extra if you want payslips anything other than monthly.
Some will provide a service where they pay the nanny, pay HMRC and simply invoice you for all the costs.
Some may be doing pension schemes in the future (you need to provide a pension scheme from 1st July 2017, assuming nanny is starting in your employment before end of March 2014).
Some have online systems so you or nanny can access things 24/7, such as a nanny accessing payslips.

I suggest you call a couple, compare how quick they answer the phone, how helpful they are to you with initial enquiry.

Englishsetter Thu 16-Jan-14 18:00:10

I used PAYE for Nannies until earlier this year. I thought they were pretty good, although I have no comparison. But can tell you for sure the £ was worth it! Dealing with HMRC is painful at best of times. And I ran into legal difficulties with my nanny, and they gave me heaps of advice.

Do ask them for a contract for your nanny, and also advice on holidays/mat leave/terminating her contract etc. They are invaluable when it comes to these issues.

Good luck

nannyafrica Thu 16-Jan-14 18:54:45

my employers use Tax Nanny think it's £99 for a year. I get my wage slips via email. Boss said it was very easy.

FreeButtonBee Thu 16-Jan-14 22:01:01

I am a solicitor (and know about 3 million if I ever need advice!) so not too worried about the contract but thanks for the pointers on the other stuff. Good idea to give them a call and see how they stack up.

Smalltoothbrush Sat 18-Jan-14 13:18:38

PAYE for nannies are great, very efficient, sorted out all the SSP etc when my nanny was ill recently and give me plenty of notice when the quarterly tax bill is due. I know loads of friends who use them. Much cheaper than nanny tax.

sleeplessinderbyshire Sat 18-Jan-14 22:00:54

PAYE for nannies have been excellent for us

deuxenfants Sun 19-Jan-14 22:08:50

I use PAYE nanny and they are much cheaper...and I believe, better.

Emmajennifer Thu 13-Mar-14 16:22:49

Hi there, I just tried to set up a new account with - they are much cheaper than the one I'd been recommended ( now I know why.... I chased them up today, they seemed staggered on the phone that I was following up after only a day (and I did submit info during office hours, as I have to leave work at 5 to pick up the children from nursery, I guess their system is very slow so only picked it up later). Having not received any confirmation of my initial submission of information, and asking them a question about the contract they would draft, they sent a very long, ranting and rude email, and told me they would give me a refund and that I should find someone else to do my nanny tax..!!!

Unbelievable. So, whoever else you go for, DO NOT USE "NANNYWAGE LTD"..!!! I hear are very good so I'm going with them. I guess I should have known you get what you pay for.

Here's the email they sent!

Dear Emma

We must say that we think you are being quite unreasonable

Our office hours are 9.30 AM - 5 PM

You sent in your forms at 6.30 PM and the very next morning you are on the

Now with over 2 weeks to go before the nanny has even started you are
complaining about the Auto responses to each form you submitted

We are very busy and as yet have not had the chance to go through your
payroll forms

As per our T&C's there are no draft copy contracts

As per our T&C's you complete a contract questionnaire and we process 2 FREE
contracts with payroll

NOTHING is sent to the nanny it all goes to YOU as the employer

However, we like to have a nice association with our clients as it is not
rocket science merely payroll for one person

We can tell from the tone of your e-mail that you appear to be upset with us
before we have even had a chance to do anything ???????

Thus after discussion with our payroll team we do not wish to upset you and
therefore feel it would probably be best if you went to another provider

Please reclaim your subscription from Paypal and we will sanction refund

Nannywage Ltd.
Tel: 020 8642 5470

-Original Message-
From: Emma
Sent: 13 March 2014 15:30
Subject: Re:

Hello I've had the below email from you three times now, but no confirmation
that you have all the right details, I wonder if you could please confirm?

I also sent info to have a contract prepared - can you please make sure I
see the draft agreement before anything is sent out to the nanny? Thanks


colafrosties Thu 13-Mar-14 21:47:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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