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Immigration help sought for Phillipina nanny

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CQ Fri 03-Jan-14 21:00:17

Can anyone recommend an agency that can help us with the paperwork to bring a much-loved nanny to the UK to live with us?

A quick internet search has revealed a minefield.

Temperate Sun 05-Jan-14 14:56:33

Have a look here:

This is how we brought our Filipino nanny back to the UK with us a few months ago. It's not complicated to get this visa, but it's only for 6 months. Most of the work is in gathering the paperwork. You can get the visa approved before you leave wherever you are (we were Middle East) so your nanny can travel with you (ours is in her 50's and wouldn't have been keen to travel to a new country alone.

We haven't found a way to extend the visa - we've spoken to immigration a few time and they are very strict that on expiry of the visa she will have to leave the UK although is free to apply again for a skilled job. Skilled visa requires that the job is NVQ 6 or higher, commanding a representative salary. It also requires English language test, money in bank and various other points-based requirements which either didn't work for us or for our nanny, so we're not pursuing any further but will help her with other job applications if she wants to come back to the UK in a skilled role. We knew we only had 6 months guaranteed but did hope we could get around it. Hopefully someone else has better things to report.

SancerreMerlot Sun 05-Jan-14 15:03:54

It is true that the visa is only for 6 months. Otherwise they can stay in the county illegally but if found they are deported back the Philippines and are unlikely to be able to come back and work in the EU countries again.
This puts your nanny in the difficult position of coming here for 6 months and appeal and then risk deportation. We sadly left our fabulous Filipino nanny behind but a friend did bring her nanny back to the UK (thinking they would find away around the situation) but she was eventually sent back to the Philippines after an appeal was lost.
Both parties wish the nanny has stayed put in Emirates as she then could have begun work for another family rather then be retuned to the Philippines where the is little chance of earning the salary she was on before.
It is gutting that they can't come here for longer as ours was one of the family and we all miss her very much.

CQ Mon 06-Jan-14 13:17:39

Thanks for the info, it's as bad as I feared.

This lovely lady was our nanny/housekeeper in Egypt, and when we moved to our next posting we couldn't take her due to visa problems, even if she was part of the household.

We had hoped now that we are back in the UK we could get her out of the mess in Egypt and provide her with a few more years work.

Seems like because she is not with us at the moment it will be even harder to get her here legally sad

I may talk to some Filipinos who live locally and see if they have any (legal) suggestions.

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