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Contract for nanny

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MsMarshmallow Sun 22-Dec-13 00:34:33

Hi, does anybody know where I can download a standard template for a nanny contract (part-time)?

Also, she will only work a few hours and will be earning less than 100pw so I don't think either of us have to declare it?

SundaySimmons Sun 22-Dec-13 05:17:51

She will have to declare it if in receipt of housing benefit.

Cindy34 Sun 22-Dec-13 10:09:57

If she has other income then you will need to register as an employer but you may not be making any employer NI payment. There is unlikely to be employee NI, but there may be employee income tax - will depend on their tax code.

You can use HMRC Paye Tools and create your own simple payslips. Or you can hire a payroll company (price range 100-250) to do the payroll for you.

You need employers liability insurance. Check the wording of your home contents policy, some include it.

Agree a Gross salary, then tax code changes will not make a difference to your total cost.

Part timers get same holiday entitlement as everyone else, so 5.6 x hours worked per week. If they work 10 hours a week, they get 56 hours of paid annual leave at minimum. You can round up but not down.

MsMarshmallow Sun 22-Dec-13 11:08:08

We don't have house insurance, as we are renting.

I guess that in the contract we should add an extra clause that says that she must notify us immediately if she takes on another job or receives any other income? any idea on how to word this?

Then, we will probably hire another afterschool nanny for a few hours couple of days per week (paying her approx 60pw). The problem is that she is working for another family another day in the week, and I'm almost sure she doesn't declare it, and nor does the other family (although I could ask them). I've checked, and if she is working somewhere else, then I need to do all the PAYE etc. It seems so complicated!

- Are there any Nanny payroll companies that any you would recommend?

- Also, do you think it would be ready for the second week of January, could we start if not before? I'm going back to work and really need the childcare!

Thanks, this is a whole new world to me!

MsMarshmallow Sun 22-Dec-13 11:09:08

(Sorry about the typos I'm writing from my phone)

nannynick Sun 22-Dec-13 13:44:25

Does not matter if they get a job after starting with you, they would let that employer know it was not their only income.

P64 you may find online. Not really used now but may be useful to have as a record that on start date they told you that you were their only employer. Email them today, think they are closed over Christmas but should be able to get things started by end Jan with luck. Ask for their advice regarding need to register as employer, what details to g

nannynick Sun 22-Dec-13 13:52:34

to get nanny to state so that if HMRC ever investigates you can show you did get their confirmation it was their only job when they started.

Cash in hand no doubt happens but on a public forum you will not find it suggested. Why shouldn't nannies have employment rights like other workers?

Do you not have any cover for your belongings when renting? does employers insurance but it is quite costly as a standalone product. However if your nanny got injured at your home due to a fault of your's then the cost of ongoing medical care could be high. Low risk perhaps but it is a risk.

MsMarshmallow Sun 22-Dec-13 14:29:31

I need her to start on the 2nd week of January the latest, so not in time I'm afraid sad

MsMarshmallow Sun 22-Dec-13 14:36:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MsMarshmallow Sun 22-Dec-13 14:48:54

Obviously my latest comment belongs in another thread... Ah, the MN app is playing tricks on me!

NomDeClavier Tue 24-Dec-13 09:22:49

You have a slight grace period to sort the paperwork but do agree everything gross and keep records of payments so when the payroll company do sort everything you can just hand it over. Ask nanny for their P45 etc and if they don't have one, or something to replace it, then that's a reasonable inducator that they have another declared source of income.

Do you not have any form of contents insurance even though you're renting?

MsMarshmallow Wed 25-Dec-13 09:10:18

No insurance, but maybe it's time to look for one! What should it say regarding people employed in my house?

Cindy34 Wed 25-Dec-13 13:22:21

In Legal Liability section of policy document it will include something like:

Damages which result from an accident occurring and causing accidental bodily injury to domestic staff while employed by you.
The most we will pay for claims resulting from one accident, or a series of accidents, resulting from any one cause is £10,000,000. This includes any claimants’ costs and expenses. In addition, we will pay any defence costs and expenses which are incurred with our written consent.

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