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One off child care for 10 week old

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Granadilla Thu 28-Nov-13 18:17:23


My little boy is 9 weeks old. In the next week or so I have meetings which I can't take him to which will last 3-4 hrs. My husband works and I don't have any family close by who I could leave him with.

What have other mums done in this situation? I don't feel comfortable leaving him with a stranger, but not sure of an alternative. Also, do childminders take babies so young and on an adhoc basis?


Poloholo Sat 30-Nov-13 19:51:06

Thanks for the recommendation teamsouthfields

Karoleann Sat 30-Nov-13 22:18:06

No am speaking from experience, majority of childminders have more than one child they look after.
9week olds happier in their own routine and are better looked after in their own home.
As I posted, if it were a regular thing, they'd easily adapt to a different routine, but if it were a new childminder, a different routine and a different location - its bound to be unsettling.
Why upset things for the sake of a few hours?
The OP asked for advice about the best childcare solution for her problem.

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 01-Dec-13 10:28:12

There are nurseries that can take them from birth. My DD went ad hoc from 10 weeks and then full time from 12 weeks. It was a small nursery and they stuck to the routine DD had created for herself. For me this was the right option and actually cheaper than a childminder.

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