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Nanny trouble

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carolinedd Wed 20-Nov-13 10:19:45

We've just hired a nanny for the first time after my return to work as it's the only sensible (and cheapest) option with a three year old and one year old twins.
She's great with the kids as far as I can tell but really lazy or oblivious when it comes to the house. It's in her contract to do kids laundry, tidy up behind them and help with the nappy washing (I use reusable nappies). Came home yesterday to find she'd done a huge load of kids laundry but just chucked it in the tumble dryer and left it there. And both nappy buckets full of dirty nappies. My oldest had been at preschool for 6 hours and the twins still have two long naps a day. She didn't even empty the rubbish out of my sons preschool lunchbox. The worktops and kitchen floor were covered in crumbs, and there were toys everywhere. Am I wrong to be annoyed or am I expecting too much? Thanks.

WeAreEternal Fri 24-Jan-14 06:32:50

Blondes the OP started this thread on November 20th, so the nanny started at the beginning of November.

I think three months is more than enough time for a nanny to find her feet, it does sound like she is a bad fit, you have tried to discuss the issues but she has failed to improve, I would definitely be giving her notice.

carolinedd Fri 24-Jan-14 10:29:59

Blondes, she's been with is since the start of November and yes she knew about the nappies. They are super easy to use and we have enough that it's only one load of washing every 3 days, so not much extra work.
As an example of food, she gave the twins dry Cheerios and breadsticks for lunch.
Thanks for all the advice, nice to know that I'm not alone in thinking this is not good enough.

FlorenceMattell Fri 24-Jan-14 12:00:24

Cheerios for lunch!! that says it all to me.
Have you got a clear disciplinary procedure in your contract? that should have been a warning.
Calpol and no written record and not informed you also a warning.
What does your contract say re medicine?

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 24-Jan-14 21:05:59

i should not read and reply to threads when i work nights blush sorry lol - i rarely read dates

def get rid of, didnt reliese it was 3mths, more then enough time to sort out any niggles

and yes she should have told you via text/note in diary about the calpol, i have a note saying i can give medicine without ringing boss's, as to be frank they need to trust my judgement and if working dont need a call/text from me saying grizzy/teething can i give calpol

Ihatepeas Sun 26-Jan-14 22:51:24

She gave your one yr olds dry Cheerios and a breadstick for lunch shock shockshock that's awful!!

oscarwilde Mon 27-Jan-14 11:06:40

Out of interest did she admit to you that the twins had cheerios and breadsticks for lunch? Have they had D&V/severe teething or something?
Frankly if she thought that was an acceptable midday meal for a child under any other circumstance I would be concerned enough to call an agency and give her notice right now.

ToffeeOwnsTheSausage Mon 27-Jan-14 19:46:02

You could pay her off and get a temporary nanny, sometimes this turns into a permanent position if both sides are happy.

Did you ask her why she only gave breadsticks and cheerios to a baby? shock

Using washable nappies is not extra work at all! In my experience it is about 4 extra wash loads a week and I had 2 in washables.

carolinedd Tue 28-Jan-14 20:31:15

Oscarwilde, no she did not tell me about the lunch, my mum dropped round unexpectedly while she was feeding them and told me later hmm

oscarwilde Wed 29-Jan-14 13:42:08

Is she still working for you? Can your mum "pop" in frequently?
I know someone who's cleaner shopped her nanny as spending her days watching tv while the toddler amused herself.

jeniferholland Thu 13-Mar-14 12:22:37

Give occasional and permanent nannies a go. I too had the same problem with lots of nannies before. They have found me incredible people for all my children.

southwestEmmie Thu 13-Mar-14 16:48:56

Can I ask how old this nanny is and is she a perfessional nanny? This shouldn't happen with soneone that's a perfessional nanny. Someone that's has studied childcare. the NNEB I that best quilifation a nanny can have. It's old school so your gonna get high quility child care. Not just someone here on a visa visiting an had no passion for childcare at all.

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