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Christmas presents for charges

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Turnedouttoes Sun 17-Nov-13 21:09:23

Just wondering what nannies do about giving Christmas presents for charges. I always buy something small e.g. a sticker book for £5 or less for birthdays but just wondering what people do about Christmas??

NannyWaines13 Sun 17-Nov-13 21:52:25

This is my first Christmas as a Nanny so not really sure on the "done thing" but I've put together a photobook of our summer. I started working in July so it's a book of our first 2 months together, we had a great summer "Gromit Hunting" and I took loads of photos so thought this would be a nice memento for my charges aged 4 & almost 2. smile

Maryann1975 Sun 17-Nov-13 21:56:44

When i was a nanny, I used to buy a gift, normally something I thought was lacking from what was already there, eg painting stuff or other craft materials. Gave me something to do for the next few days I was working. I'm a cm now and buy a token gift for the children in my care. However this can get expensive if you have lots of part time children so I feel quite lucky to just have full timers this year.

lovelynannytobe Sun 17-Nov-13 22:11:00

I always buy books. I love Jonny Duddle pirate set on the Book People. They also do other lovely sets for younger children and older ones as well. I always manage to find something cheap and lovely there.

ConfusedPixie Mon 18-Nov-13 08:11:14

I knit dinosaurs for them. The kids tell me what dinosaur they'd like this time and I do it smile currently finishing a pink triceratops for one of my charges birthdays smile

MaryPoppinsBag Mon 18-Nov-13 09:18:54

I'm a CM and take advantage of the 3 for 2 at boots. I tag them on to my other shopping so barely notice the cost.

HaveAQuestion Mon 18-Nov-13 11:18:23

Small amount of money on a book or educational toy

smilingthroughgrittedteeth Mon 18-Nov-13 14:12:31

I've spent about £10 on each of my charges (2 of them) I've been with them for 5 years though I used to spend £5 max.

surpriseme Mon 18-Nov-13 20:31:26

I love buying kids presents and have gone overboard in the past spending anything between 30-50.Soon mounts up. This year I am trying to keep it to 10-20 for each child(2 in my current position and 3 from my last one)

cathpip Mon 18-Nov-13 20:38:54

I have nannied for the same family for 8 years, (only a couple of days a week in the holiday now). I used to buy them a joint present, usually a board game which always went down well. Now they have cash so they can top up their mobiles! smile

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