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What qualifications does a night nurse need to have?

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Katiejon Wed 13-Nov-13 20:55:24

Thinking of recruiting a night nurse.
(See original thread re. Norland nanny and recovery from csection and severe spd).
I don't know how to link threads.
What qualifications does she need to have?
London NW4
Many thanks.

Victoria2002 Wed 13-Nov-13 21:15:06

None. Night-nurses, like nannies, need no qualifications or experience. Many night nurses are ex-nannies or ex-nurses or experienced in midwifery...but not necessarily. I would try to get a recommendation, and also to try to choose someone who has similar ideas to you about how to care for a newborn as you need to find someone with a style compatible with your family.

Victoria2002 Wed 13-Nov-13 21:17:58

Just read your first post. Maternity nurses also don't necessarily have qualifications or experience.

mrswishywashy Wed 13-Nov-13 21:38:58

I just answered on your other post.

Whether getting someone through agency or internet make sure you check references and any gaps in CV.

Most of us do have quals - I'd look for someone with either MNT or NEST quals (or midwife/nurse). I'd also have someone with a recent CRB/DBS check - the criminal check. Also pead first aid cert.

I'd want someone with at least 5 years experience working as a NN/MN this means they will have got on with plenty of families and can be flexible.

Mostly it comes down to personality match. It sounds like you just need someone who can be sensitive to your need for sleep and can take the baby for a few nights so that you can relax.

Hope that helps. So wish I could help but am doing emergency work with a three month old and four month old twins while waiting for a new born to arrive. If you would like me to ask colleagues I'm happy too.

Katiejon Wed 13-Nov-13 21:46:29

Hi wishywashy.
Big thank you.
Uncomfortable with idea of leaving baby with stranger but no idea what else to do.
DH goes back to work fulltime in 2 weeks and I already am suffering.
If u ask colleagues, how do I contact them?

Alanna1 Wed 13-Nov-13 22:00:37

Use an agency. There are lots in London. Their rates are on their websites. They will send you CVs and references. Cost varies but is often between £150-£250/24 hours for one baby; less for less experience, more for more experience. Plus an agency fee. You can get someone direct via gumtree or care or but if you havent done it before I would suggest you use an agency.

ceeveebee Thu 14-Nov-13 00:11:02

I used, they cover all of London and SE, approx £120 per night for twins

Dencar Thu 14-Nov-13 00:18:41

I work with Cocoon UK. All of their candidates have PND training.
If you speak with Louise there she will help you work through exactly the type of Night Nanny or Maternity Nurse who can help.
Wishing you the very best.

Nannyowl Thu 14-Nov-13 08:57:10

As a night nanny who works independently;I usually meet the mum prior to starting work.
I take along my passport/driving licence so she can check photo ID. Then I show her my certificates; I'm a retired midwife and have up to date First Aid and DBS. Also I will give her contacts for other mums I have worked for recently.
But the most important thing is that she feels comfortable with me. It is a very personal thing having a 'stranger' in your home and you need to feel ok with that. I would suggest you contact one of the London agencies and talk to the staff about employing someone.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 14-Nov-13 10:02:40

Most have nest or mnt - I don't - but I'm a nneb nanny (ie old) and had countless years exp with newborns including twins

I keep thinking about doing one of the quals but I get so much work without it that I havnt as of yet

In the end you need to go with your gut instinct and who you feel happy with. I have been offered positions against those who do have the above quals tho obv some Families only want nest mnt

Family im with at moment is my 4th this year and 5th booked middle dec

Speak to on phone to get a feel. Check refs. I take driving license dbs first aid nanny insurance etc with me

Costs varies but I'm more costly then night nanny agency - £120 for twins in London is cheap - I'm not going to earn less for a night then my day job

Job at moment £15ph 10hr night £150 - single baby now 5 weeks was 10days old when started - got her in routine of 4hrs by time 3 weeks and feeds 10.30pm and normally 2.30/3am and back to sleep till 7am so the nights I'm not there mum does get a bit of sleep and every other night she gets 8/9hrs

hence my rough quote on other thread of just over £1.5k for 3 nights for a month but if stay for longer thenore costly

Agencies fees can be an extra £25/30 a night on top

You have to be comfortable with who you have or you won't relax and sleep

As I said on your other thread I have slept on a sofas a few times and it's fine - ikea sofa bed is very comfy smile but also a normal sofa with a duvet and pillow - so please don't worry that you don't have a spare bed

Really hope you get some help asap - if cost really isn't a problem and just a stingy dh then you need to make it clear to him you need some respite

Katiejon Thu 14-Nov-13 10:51:21

A massive thank you to you all for your advice.
Am trying to get a day Norland newborn nanny but will also look into nite nanny recruitment.
Dh did niteshift last nite and now sleeping.
He's knackered after only 1 nite, told him paying for either day or nite help!

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