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Nanny - How do you broach a "parenting"; issue.

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grabaspoon Sun 10-Nov-13 19:55:24

I have been made aware through observation (am live in) and through charge telling me that mb does not brush DCs teeth at bed time - do I but out or should I mention this to mb - although we're on baby teeth at the moment it wont be long before adult teeth are through.. maybe could raise it with that?

ConfusedPixie Tue 12-Nov-13 06:39:14

I'd go with Anniemouse's idea of joking that the kids is winding you up, it's something that you'd probably chat about anyway so it's be easy to bring up in a non confrontational way.

JassyRadlett Tue 12-Nov-13 08:51:43

Gosh, elskovs, you're coming across as a really nasty piece of work if those are your expectations/assumptions about other people's motivations. Or is it only paid child carers that you have such a low opinion of?

When I was nannying I did very much care about the future welfare of my charges. We're still in touch, even though they're late teens/grown up now and I'm about to employ a nanny of my own. I'd be pretty fucking mortified if they had problems with their teeth that I could have helped to prevent.

NomDeClavier Tue 12-Nov-13 20:21:48

It's probably best to just bring it up in passing that X mentioned they hadn't brushed their teeth at night and of course small children aren't that reliable but just in case you feel you should mention that you haven't being doing it after dinner as you didn't know you were expected to but you can in future etc.

It may be that they are expecting you to have done it, especially if you do bath and PJs.

Alaternatively try implementing a star/sticker chart for daily routines and tag evening teeth brushing onto that.

Maryann1975 Tue 12-Nov-13 21:44:11

I don't believe the op was being sneery, more that she has noticed something isn't being done that she believes should be. Op, I have a similar situation. One of my children is frequently given a lollipop on handover, is fed junk food routinely and is sat in front of the tv from when she gets home till bed time. She is just three and I think it is sad that although they know what they should be doing, the parents just don't do it, thinking that I am responsible for the majority of their child's well being. That said, the child is being fed and clothed, is sheltered from the elements in a clean home and has parents who love her so isn't being neglected. I think it's just different people with different standards and that is just how the world works.

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