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AIBU? Nanny taking charge to own home to walk her dog?

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VictorJames Fri 08-Nov-13 17:17:36

My husband and I have an issue we're torn on and are not totally sure if we are just being arseholes or have a point!

Firstly, we live on a tiny island. There is not much to do, we have no soft play/petting zoo/swimming pool etc. The activities for our toddler son (18m) are limited to playing at home with vast mountain of toys, reading books (which he loves), visiting the library, crafty stuff (playdoh, finger paints), helping to bake something, playing in our garden (giant trampoline and climbing frame), visiting the (crap) park for the swings, going for a walk in the ample countryside/beaches.

So we understand that there isn't a huge list of things to nanny to do with him, we really do.

When nanny started she wanted us to add into her contract that our employers insurance would cover son at her house if they ever popped by there for some reason. We refused to do this, saying that we did not want him at her house (round the corner). For us we choose a nanny over a childminder as I want him in his own home. So we already did cover that point.

We;ve employed her for 6 months and now they have got into a bit of a routine whereby after breakfast they go out (between about 9am-11am). She is driving to her house, collecting her dog and then the dog is accompanying them on a walk. On the one hand I'm happy that he is getting out and about, stretching his legs (he doesn't go in a pushchair) and splashing in puddles. On the other hand, they go even if it's chucking it down (in suitable clothing) and I feel that maybe they shouldnt be planning the morning around nannys dog getting a walk and there are other things (see list above) which they could do. They arrive home at 11am, son sleeps 11am-12:30 then they have lunch about 1pm and she clocks off at 2pm. So there isn't any other time in the day for these other activities. The morning is the only time.

Today nanny dropped into conversation about her and DS being in her sitting room at home and he spilt something and she may need to claim on her house insurance. Well we didn't want him at her house! Now I'm imagining her coming here, having bfast,going back home, taking her dog out, going home, sitting on her sofa in her own home and only returning here for his nap (90 mins that she sits on the sofa here which we've agreed as we have a cleaner so don't need her to do anything else) Then they both eat lunch and she clocks off.

AIBU? Would we be total arseholes to be mentioning that whilst we understand that there isn't masses to do, perhaps they could be mixing it up a little bit and not walking the dog every single day. On a rainy day they could do crafts/library. Or are we dicks and have to accept that son is getting fresh air and is happy and healthy?

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 17-Nov-13 19:12:13

true maureen - most toddlers get bored of crafts within 15mins or so, if not before

and they are prob bored of the house, and nanny of op lol

if nanny went for a walk, without her dog, would you be ok with that?

or do you want someone in the house all day?

LaurieFairyCake Sun 17-Nov-13 19:24:02

I think the fact the dog is mentioned at all is a complete red herring. There's a lot of comments about how it is to suit her and the dog - I just don't think that's true at all, as you've said she could walk the dog anytime.

She's taking the kid for a two hour walk everyday which is a very stimulating activity and doesn't encroach on anything you do with him.

Is he then mostly at home after she's gone? If so then it's good he's getting so much exercise.

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