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Pay rise and Christmas bonus for nanny

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MrsNoodleHead Mon 28-Oct-13 21:29:46

We are coming up to a year with our nanny and are extremely happy - delighted - with how it's all working out.

We'd like to give her a pay rise in January (the anniversary of her contract). We were thinking of a 5% increase which takes her rate from £11 to around £11.50.

Does that sound fair?

Also, is there a "done thing" re Christmas bonuses?

PowerPants Mon 28-Oct-13 22:46:34

Hi Mrs Noodle - I think you are being generous, justifiably so as you are so happy.

I have always given our nannies one week's pay at Christmas. We also get them a present (about £60 worth).

I ahve heard on here of a nanny getting a month's pay grin

Zhx3 Mon 28-Oct-13 23:03:50

I can only speak for our situation (we are in the north-west). Our nanny has been with us coming up to 2 years, and we have also been extremely happy with the level of care that she gives our family. That said, we have also supported her through some personal upheaval, so I hope she thinks of us as supportive too!

Pay rise was 3.5% on her anniversary, and will probably be something similar next year. For Christmas, we give her a gift from the children, a gift from us and usually a gift card too (I am thinking £50 this year). When I got a promotion at work, I also bought her a thank-you gift for supporting our family - I couldn't have been promoted without her and also the support of our lovely cleaner keeping the house and children in check! In both cases, they weren't hugely expensive gifts (£50-£75), but things that I knew they either wanted, or appreciated.

I must admit, I have read on here about nannies getting a week's pay as a Christmas bonus, which made me stress out a bit. Not sure if that's a south-east/London thing?

PowerPants Tue 29-Oct-13 00:36:28

Hi Zhx3, we are in the south. Don't stress as I think I am in the minority! When threads like this come up answers vary wildly.I think what you do for your nanny sounds perfect...

MrsNoodleHead Tue 29-Oct-13 09:22:35

Thanks for the replies, it's good to have a steer and know that we aren't wildly off beam.

Nannyme1 Tue 29-Oct-13 13:36:57

I think if you can afford a pay rise that's a very good thing to do!

With Christmas bonuses I've never got one, a lot of nannies I know all get them though. I never expect a bonus (probably the country I'm from) but saying that my Christmas present last year would have cost over 2 months salary (and I'm on a high salary for a nanny) which was extremely generous but I was a bit embarrassed.

GoldiChops Tue 29-Oct-13 21:49:08

I'm a nanny, never had a pay raise or bonus. Maybe I'm crap! My birthday is at Christmas so I usually get a joint gift, last year a lovely bracelet.

Ihatepeas Tue 29-Oct-13 22:13:51

I think a weeks salary as a bonus is the done thing. That's what I ( and all my nanny friends) usually get.

Victoria2002 Wed 30-Oct-13 11:15:27

Ditto weeks salary & a gift or gift to the value of a weeks salary (London). Also unexpected extra holiday is a great gift if that suits?

Edendance Wed 30-Oct-13 14:55:00

I'm a london nanny- I've never had a payrise and have worked with this family for over 2 years... I got some chocolate for my birthday and a gift last Christmas. The amount they spend on me is nowhere near what I spend on the children... Perhaps I should rethink that!

Cryptonomicon Thu 31-Oct-13 13:39:40

I have been thinking about this as well. Presumably that is a week's net salary?

HappyAsEyeAm Thu 31-Oct-13 19:46:48

There have been lots of threads about annual or christmas bonuses in the time that I have been on this board (about three years).

I would say that a week's salary is not the norm at all. I have heard of nannies getting it and employers paying it, but it is not what all nannies generally get or in any way expect.

There is a huge range of gifts that nannies receive at Christmas, or on anniversaries. From a small token gift like a framed photo or mug or chocolates, to more lavish gifts like jewellery or spa days, and also cash bonuses or lump sums.

If you are happy with your nanny and can afford to pay a week's salary, then that is brilliant. I am sure your nanny will be really chuffed. But if you can't really afford that, or think you need to pay it because it is the done thing, then give a more modest gift. I am sure your nanny would be happy with any gift or bonus.

For what its worth, we have a fab nanny. We have given a bonus every year for excellent performance in the region of £300, and £100 at christmas and on birthday. We are in the south east. Furthermore, I never receive a bonus or a Christmas present from work myself!

ShootMyMIL Thu 31-Oct-13 20:45:13

Never had a bonus or Xmas present! Even made to stay til 7pm on Xmas eve so mb could enjoy a glass of wine to herself! She got in at 4pm

TeamSouthfields Thu 31-Oct-13 23:42:23

Got a box of cheap chocolates last year... And trust me, they can afford it... Sobhmm

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 01-Nov-13 06:26:36

Is the Payrise from 11 to 11.50 nett or gross - needs to be gross or you will end up paying more next tax year

I normally get a yearly Payrise as stated in my contract - tho also understand that with the current climate that some
Bosses can't afford this and better to have a job and no Payrise then leave and no job

Christmas. When in perm job always had a weeks wages and nice pressie from kids - something that had taken care and time over rather rather then chi lauds iyswim

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 01-Nov-13 06:27:06

Chocolates even

Breadandcakes Fri 01-Nov-13 12:03:28

I give my nanny a really nice present

As regards pay rises - most people (including me) have not had one for about five years, so although I am happy to think about it, getting rises is not really as it is in the general job market at the moment. Most people are just pleased to have a job

eurycantha Sat 02-Nov-13 21:58:06

I agree with blondes( as always)I have just had a rise but that was after several years in my job.I always have a present from parents and children and an amazon voucher about the value of a weeks wages,my other job gives me a diary with pictures of the children( ,I use my diary all the time )drink,chocs etc and a weeks xmas bonus.I do have a pay review written in my contracts but as with many nannies I don't expect one each year .(As long as I am very happy in my job)which I am!waves to Blondes.

cathpip Sat 02-Nov-13 22:10:08

In my last role, I was there 8 years, I received 2 pay rises in total. I was very pleased to get them but I would never assume that it was my right to have one. As for Xmas, I have always received a nice pressie (about £100) and £50 in a card, which is more than acceptable. If you are unable to do a pay rise or an Xmas bonus, how about a few extra days annual leave, now that I would be very very happy about!

bluekiki Fri 13-Dec-13 10:13:11

I received a top, the cheapest one in an expensive shop (100£) I couldn't return it, to receive the money, and it didn't fit me. I had to pay another 100£ just to get something I liked. No bonus. I'm thinking of leaving the job. In all my previous positions I always got Christmas bonus ( from 200£ up).

sunshinenanny Thu 19-Dec-13 13:08:26

TeamSouthFields; you lucky nanny' In my last job the gifts were re-gifted tat that had been hanging around the house for months wrapped as an afterthought at the last moment. Insulting! why bother at all? That said! I have had lovely gifts from most of my employers.

2plus1 Thu 19-Dec-13 15:26:06

I feel that Christmas bonuses are just that, a bonus/gesture. I do not think that there is a monetary norm as some nannies may work for a 'normal family' and some for the wealthiest. We gave our nanny some hand made Christmas decorations from the children, £50 and half day off on Christmas Eve (her normal work day). That said our nanny never got the children anything and a pack of biscuits for us. Not that I was overly worried about it!

Callaird Thu 19-Dec-13 19:01:07

I have had between £50 and a months wages as a Christmas bonus. I do not expect a bonus at all but it is so nice to realise how much you are appreciated.

I also get very nice christmas presents from my employers, something arty from the children and something well thought out from my employers.
(I do think I go above and beyond in my jobs, I do something's other nannies refuse to do, but only if I want to or have the time to!)

I have pay rise in line with inflation in my contract and have had between £5 and £50 a week in a variety of jobs.

I have worked for 'normal' families and for VIP and titled families, the normal ones are much more generous! One wealthy family bought me a teddy for Christmas, I was 33!!

Bimbi1 Sun 18-Dec-16 10:50:25

Hmmm...not very thoughtful.
It is always nice to be appreciated......we work hard as nannies and cannot do the job unless we really love it. I treat people as I wish to be treated myself. I actually do expect something nice at Christmas..I always give 150% in my work and treat each child as I would treat my own children..I know no different , I am professional and also put my all into my role. My bosses can see this day to day and a decent boss should acknowledge this.
In past jobs I have received between £ 100-150 at Christmas which I appreciated. I was with them almost three years They did not treat me very well. My mother passed away in 2013 ..I took a week off work with there consent and two days after my mother passing away they sacked me ..saying in and email that I had inconvenienced them enough allready "
This traumatised me and I even considered changing my career.
What matters in a role is how your employers treat you on a regular day to day basis...that they see you as an important figure in there child's / children's lives and value that on a day to day basis.
And most decent families will treat you well and show there respect and appreciation through a decent gift at Christmas.

underneaththeash Sun 18-Dec-16 19:31:50

Bimbi - this thread is three years old.

I think you should change your career if it traumatised you - mental health issue are not good for nannies.

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