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Interviewing au pairs

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YourStoryTime Sat 12-Oct-13 19:24:57

Hi everyone!

I hope you're having a lovely weekend! We're interviewing for au pairs next week and I was wondering what tips people had on asking them questions?

Any ideas welcome! smile

Thanks x

TeamSouthfields Sat 12-Oct-13 21:11:14

ask them age related scenario 's...

what activities would you do with a 4 year old

how do u put a baby to sleep (ie, on back, front, top, bottom of cot)

what would you do if....

how would you deal with...

MGMidget Thu 17-Oct-13 23:03:06

In addition:

Ask about their family. What do parents do? Brothers and sisters - how many, ages, what do they do. This is to find out whether you are likely to have much in common with them, similar background/upbringing and also if they are the oldest/one of the eldest children or not (theory being that older may have had some caring responsibilities for younger ones but you'd need to check that too).

Ask why they want to be an AP and what they want to do afterwards.

Also, ask about their experience of doing housework, cooking etc and probe on this (all will say that can do it but you need to find out truthfully what they are used to doing).

Ask what they have been doing, courses, jobs etc. Importantly, did they pass exams or not (watch out for stories of taking a break from studies as it often means they failed their exams -you'll need to ask direct questions or they may hide this.). Are they unemployed or giving up a successful job to do au pair work? Most seem to be unemployed. Ideally you want a candidate who has the motivation to succeed in whatever they do so it helps to establish what they have done until now and how successful they have been.

Have they lived away from home before?

Do they know anyone in UK/near you?

Do they have a long term boyfriend/girlfriend and if so what does he/she think about them leaving them behind to be an AP?

Can they provide references?

What do they like doing in their spare time?

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