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Nanny references

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katharinehepburn Thu 10-Oct-13 21:19:06

Questions for nannies:
1) When you leave a post do you ask the employer if they would agree to provide references for you in the future? (Assuming that you want more than just the business model of yes they worked here in x role between y dates and had z days sick)

2) Do you let past employers know when you are looking for a new job so that they know to expect some phone calls from prospective employers?

And for nanny employers:
3) How do you respond to a phonecall for a reference for a former nanny when the nanny had never asked you to be a referee, had not kept in any contact since leaving, and had not warned you that a she would at some stage give your contact details to a random stranger?

It is probably obvious what has happened. Would have had no objection had I ever been asked, but feel it a bit off that someone who left our employment three years ago and has made no effort to stay in contact (nor have we but I am not relying what she has to say for my career) feels she can give my name and number out. She was a good nanny so didn't want to drop her in it with prospective employer but don't think I hid the surprise very well!

Nannyme1 Thu 10-Oct-13 21:27:56

So assuming she's in her 20s... What she has to keep in contact with you (which you admit you certainly don't make an effort at) for the next 40 years so she can get a good reference off you?

She's a good nanny! Good reference be done with it.

I ask for a written letter signed when I leave. Then they check that written reference by calling up if I want the job I give them past employers details. I do try and send an email off to everyone to warn them I'm on the job hunt and expect the odd call but if I forget someone off the list, well the amount of time, blood, sweat and tears I put into looki g after and loving, caring for the children then they can take a 5 minute phone call and give me a reference.

I think you are over reacting.

Yerazig Thu 10-Oct-13 21:58:37

Yes it would of been good practice for her to say email you to give you notice that she's job hunting and you may get a call. But come on if all was left on good terms and you yourself say she was a good nanny. Why on earth would you be so worked up about the whole situation.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 10-Oct-13 22:38:10

I keep in touch with all my families that I have worked for - at the moment my 1st dc then 4mths is now 22 and doing a gap year round the world and keep seeing pics of her and bf on Fb

I always ask for a ref tho normally mb says she will do me one before I have left - all of my perm jobs I have been made redundant as either all at school /move or mum gives up work

I am Assuming that you gave nanny a written ref happily when she left - yes would have been nice to contact you or keep in touch - but takes two to tango - did you ever invite her to come round after she left ?

On my refs it has my employed name/address/mobile/email so the new employer probably just rang

Yes proba shock getting a phone call from mrs abc saying she interviews nanny and can you give a ref - but sure wasn't that much of a surprise an should have been easy enough to say along the lines of - if true

Yes nanny was employed by is for 3yrs. She was very good with the children and trustworthy and punctual etc etc etc

Did you ring her refs before you employed her?

happycrimblechuckie Thu 10-Oct-13 22:52:23

I would wonder what she has been doing for the last three years. Why would she need a reference from you if she has been working somewhere else, why not go to her last employer?

katharinehepburn Thu 10-Oct-13 22:54:23

Ok may have missed something here about employing a nanny. Was I supposed to give her a written ref when she left? She didn't ask, I didn't know I should have just given her one. In my job we have to ask previous employers if they would provide a reference as and when we need it, so had no idea it would be different for nannies. Yes I rang her referees but I just assumed they knew that the call would be coming at some point.

Yerazig Thu 10-Oct-13 23:01:49

Happycrimble...I know every nanny job I have interview for have ask for at least two references so yes they may go from the past few years. Nothing suspicious about that from what you was implying.

MrsCurly Thu 10-Oct-13 23:04:00

As an employer of nannies I would never just rely on the written reference. Prospective nannies sometimes bring these to interviews along with a CV. I've always wanted to speak to previous employers on the phone to get a more honest, 'off the record' reference. Since I've done my share of calling former employers I wouldn't have a flicker of a problem with anyone calling me in the future.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 10-Oct-13 23:11:07

How long did you employ her for?

Where did you find her? Assuming not an agency or they would have asked for a ref on her behalf.

But yes perfectly normal to give a written ref when a nanny leaves assuming you were happy with her

Leopoldina Fri 11-Oct-13 18:16:53

Yes, you need to give a detailed written ref when she goes. Might be worth providing one for her now.
My nanny didn't warn me when she handed her notice in that the new employer would be calling / what her name was etc. She phoned me in the middle of the working day (now why would I have a nanny if I wasn't busy during the working day etc etc) and caught me totally off guard. Quite possibly as a result, the phonecall lasted less than 3 minutes and there will be a lot of stuff she's finding out after the event. or maybe she just isn't that thorough.
V poor form to be giving out your number without warning / asking if it's convenient I think. Really don't mind giving one, but would prefer to be on notice as it were, and arrange for it not to take place at a deeply inconvenient time.

NomDeClavier Fri 11-Oct-13 18:16:59

Absolutely normal to give a written reference. How did the job end? If it was her decision then I suspect she have refs from jobs before her job with you and said they could follow up with you if they wanted once the job was practically hers. And then the new employers just didn't bother...

I gave a heads up. Still do if prospective employers want to talk to them as I still work in a related field.

Luna13 Sat 12-Oct-13 17:45:04

You can always say that it is not the perfect time for you and could they please call you after Xpm? My potential employers always asked what is the best time/way to get in touch. But I've been generaly lucky wink

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