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Some one talk me through being a childminders assistant?

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NannyMcphee12 Thu 10-Oct-13 19:03:56

A local childminder has contacted me about becoming their assistant.
How does it work?
How does it affect ratios?

happygolucky0 Thu 10-Oct-13 19:28:35

I guess you go and work at the childminders home helping her look after the children. I think you have to be registered yourself for it to effect the numbers. Well for the under 8 s . She would need you to be crb checked. I don't think you can have sole charge so you should always be with the minder.

BleedinEck Thu 10-Oct-13 20:32:14

A cm assistant can be left in sole charge for a maximum 2 hrs a day if they have current 1st aid. You will need to be CRB'd (or whatever it is now) & she will need to formally notify Ofsted she is working with an assistant & good practise would be getting written consent from parents to allow you sole charge. It does mean she can up her numbers (think it goes from 6 to 10 under 8's) but obviously only on days/times you are with her. I think you will need to be employed by her so she will need to pay NMW.

happygolucky0 Fri 11-Oct-13 11:45:42

Thanks bleedinrck I have learnt something new today!

moogy1a Fri 11-Oct-13 12:44:44

My DH has just become my assistant.
Bleedin is right.
You also have to decide if you want to be employed by her or self employed.
We decided SE was easier. You need to register with HMRC as self employed, then do your own self assessment for tax.
We also registered as a partnership, but I suppose you could just charge the cM an hourly / daily rate for your services.
As an assistant you can claim your own expenses wrt childminding so you can get your tax right down ( probably to nothing!)

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